Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beautiful Baskets!

It occurred to me the other day that some of the most beautiful objects around us are often the most practical. Baskets are so useful for everyday items but can also make a very pretty display too.

I think an old painted or fabric covered basket would be useful in every room of the house...

They are also ideal for filling with Summer blooms. I have some lovely big roses in my garden at the moment but I don't want to cut them - so here's the next best thing...

Mmm, I really do think I should start collecting vintage baskets!

What do you keep in yours?


  1. I have yarn, knitting kneedles and my craft magazines in 2 lovely African baskets by my bed. One is round, and the other is tall for farmer's market trips.

  2. Some artificial posies in one and guest towels and soaps in another.
    You have beautiful baskets in so many lovely colors and designs.

  3. I love your baskets, and the fabrics look wonderful beside them! Very inspiring!

  4. Hi Clare,
    LOVE that painted pink basket of yours! I am a big vintage basket fan too!
    Apart from the obvious uses, for the laundry (both clean and otherwise!) I have a small basket with a 'pretend' cat asleep in one, all tucked in with blankets! It has fooled many visiters, who think our cat sleeps alot!
    I also keep all of my chicken eggs in a big round basket, as we get sooo many every day.
    Niki x

  5. I've always had a weakness for baskets and have quite a collection of handmade ones - there's always room for one more though!

  6. I love baskets. Most of mine are hanging on a basket rack that is hanging from the ceiling.

  7. Baskets abound in my home and they hold just about everything: magazines, yarn, thread, stabilizer, quilt projects, toys, make-up, fruits & veggies, and more. Yours are so lovely with the pastel colors. Did you paint or stain them, or are those the orginal colors? I especially like the pink colored one. It's reallky pretty.

  8. Oh you are right, I never have enough baskets. I set old ones on the ground outside and use them for planters, indoors I use them all over the house.

  9. Hi Clare,
    I agree!! About vintage baskets I mean... I just love them and any shop display window with one on show will always draw me in... silly really cuz they're never for sale, just display, ha.
    Well I have a few, (which was a bit of a worry as to whether customs would let them through form England to New Zealand... but ther did luckily)...I like to keep all my vintage pinnys, aprons, lace doilies and my growing collection of vintage knitted teacosies!
    Lovely post as always :-)
    Love Debra in NZ

  10. A cat sleeps in one whenever she can. I also have one in the garden with some pots of geraniums inside. Yours look beautiful! Have a good weekend.

  11. Your baskets are really beautiful!

    I also have got a lot of baskets, but I am only using them to store something in it, such as fabrics for my patchwork and quilting, or things I don't find any other place for.

    It is a good idea to use them for decoration, too.

  12. Hi Clare

    I've just bought to largest vintage wicker laundry basket you've ever seen. It will be brilliant for eiderdowns in the latest antiques centre I'm going into.

    I've also bought a round painted cane one - also large which I intend to fill with pieces of lace (I think).

    Meanwhile, I have a lined, painted, lidded one displaying buttons and ... and ...

    Sue xx

  13. I have one with reels of cotton in and they look just like sweets.
    Alison x

  14. Shoes. We used to have a shoe basket by our front door. Then the dog decided he enjoyed chewing on it, so we had to get rid of it. All those baskets are so lovely!


  15. Lovely collection of baskets Clare.
    I have baskets full of magazines, wool & Benny's toys :-}

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  17. What pretty baskets you have! Yes, and the fabrics look wonderful, too.

    Well, I have a little collection of baskets, too. I planted some summer flowers inside last year. But to be honest, they are all empty now. I really should change this!

    Have a wonderful week-end Clare!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  18. I use baskets for everything!
    I plant them in the garden when they are ready to be let go.
    Once a group of items is in a basket I can tidy easier.
    I have a few antique baskets from my grandmothers. I love baskets too!

  19. Everything and Anything! I have been collecting baskets for 20 yrs - a very serious problem. After all they aren't exactly tiny. I have thenm hanging, perching and lounging all over the place. My advice is don't start. Although by the look of the pics - you already have (and they look gorgeous). Are you selling....

  20. I use baskets in every room of the house and for just about everything.
    A few items I keep in them are:
    napkins, my knitting & crocheting, my embroidery & quilting, magazines, toilet paper, books, old pictures, cd's & videos, and the list goes on and on.
    I love the painted baskets, those I don't have.....yet!

  21. I love seeing pics of all of your gorgeous baskets. I just purchased a beautiful basket from "Shabby in the City". It will serve as a "picnic for two" basket for us. I am looking forward to using it this summer!

  22. Oh dear mine just seem to attract clutter.

  23. Yes, you are absolutely right! Some think as a basket as a basket, but they are all different and unique in a charming way. Love all the colours and decorations that are displayed with it :) You shure have your own style, romantic and homely :) Love it!

  24. Baskets and flowers, what a beautiful and oldfashioned combination! So pretty I just love it Clare! Carol xox

  25. Hi clare, Your photos of your baskets are lovely. How could we let plastic carrier bags take over from lovely wicker shopping baskets?!

  26. Your baskets and photos are lovely! I love the fabric and lace lined basket! I have a basket filled with all my collage goodies... sometimes it looks so fun sitting there all full of "stuff" that I don't want to remove anything from it!

  27. Clare, Your baskets are gorgeous! YOu are so right, it seems everything looks so much prettier in a basket.

  28. Lovely baskets!! They have so many funs uses don't they?
    Have a great day!

  29. Hi Clare! I love the baskets that you have shared - so pretty and inspiring! I'm a basket girl too!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  30. They are simply beautiful!

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