Friday, February 27, 2015

Beautiful Antique and Vintage Treasures at Vintage Home!

Original Antique Painting of A Bowl of Violets
We have added a selection of beautiful antique and vintage items to the shop today! As well as some very pretty items we also have a very special painting for you. It is an original 102 year-old painting of a bowl of violets. Many of you will be familiar with the 19th century Bavarian artist, Catherine Klein. Her beautiful paintings of flora and fauna were reproduced on postcards, prints and in books; however, original paintings of her work are as rare as hens teeth (we were lucky to own one in recent years but sold it last year) Budding artists and Sunday afternoon painters of the same era often painted copies of her floral paintings and just occasionally, one of these paintings will find its way to us!
Framed Original Antique Painting of Violets

This painting of a bowl of violets and scattered walnuts is one of the best examples we have seen to date and when compared to an old postcard of the original image (see below) it is easy to see what we mean!
Antique Postcard Depicting Catherine Klein's Bowl of Violets and Walnuts
1913 Painting after Catherine Klein -Bowl of Violets and Walnuts
Our painting is signed and dated E Firth 1913 - without these details, we really would be in a quandary as to whether we had discovered another rare (albeit unsigned) original by Catherine herself! 

Another particularly wonderful find is this Victorian photo album.
Victorian Photo Album - Building the Nest

Photo albums were a very popular item in the Victorian home and some were highly decorative in their design. Our example is a rare and extremely beautiful example. It is filled with full colour chromolith mounts, depicting British birds throughout the seasons.
Victorian Photo Album - Watching over the Eggs

It is such a treat to find an antique album intact because the mounts are often removed and sold separately. These are just a few of the images from our album - see all of them HERE
Little Jenny Wrens in Winter with Holly and Hips

1930s Delphiniums and Hollyhocks Barbola Wall Plaque
 We also have this gorgeous, large Barbola wall plaque adorned with handcrafted delphiniums and hollyhocks. Plus a superb double eiderdown, besides many other lovely things too!

Vintage Double Paisley and Powder Blue Eiderdown
That's all for now - we'll be back again soon - in the meantime, we hope you enjoy your browse amongst our vintage delight!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Treat yourself to Roses this Valentine's Day!

Blowsy Roses adorn an old Chocolate Box
 We always have a wonderful selection of vintage rose themed textiles and homewares in the shop and newly arrived is this gorgeous vintage wallpaper covered chocolate box as well as a pair of stunning 1950s Fothergay curtains, decorated with a riot of beautiful red roses. So why not treat yourself to some everlasting vintage roses this Valentine's Day!

1950s Fothergay 'Tralee' Barkcloth Curtains
Sweet Roses Wallpaper Chocolate Box
Beautiful Red Roses 1950s Curtains