Thursday, July 01, 2010

Roses, Roses, Roses!

We are thrilled with our roses this year. Although they are always a sight to behold, never before have these beauties grown so abundantly. We have taken time out to snap some photos for you, and couldn't resist adding in a few photos of some of our rosy textiles currently available on the website! Hope you enjoy our beautiful blooms!

The white rose above is Iceberg Climber and beneath it grows the exquisite Rosa Mundi, one of the oldest known striped roses. It brings to mind raspberry ripple ice cream!

This beautiful rose has the most divine perfume. Some years ago, we took a cutting from a 60 year old plant and was amazed it grew so well - we have since taken other cuttings which are becoming well established in the garden.

This is a definite favourite; the beautiful blowsy pink barkcloth rose! Available to buy in the shop!

Here is another amazing success story. This is a delicate pink rose with multiple blooms and was grown from a small cutting just a few years ago - it now fills a corner of the garden!

This delicate trailing briar rose is a real beauty and adorns a long length of unused eiderdown fabric, also for sale in the shop!

This lilac coloured rose is Harry Edland, a gorgeous rose with an exceptional and distinctive perfume; it smells of sherbet!

This deep pink-red rose is from an old oil painting we have for sale; it is a stunning, 100-year old, yard-long painting.

This is another big 'n' blowsy favourite of ours which has grown nearly 7 feet high this year!

We hope you liked the photos and would love to hear how your roses and flowers are doing this year!