Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody!

A special thank you to everyone for your custom and lovely messages throughout the year. We hope you have a truly wonderful time this Christmas!

See you all soon! Clare & Mike.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Vintage Winter Wonderland!

With the weather turning much colder this week, and the promise of snow, there was never a better time to cosy up indoors and gaze out upon a wintry landscape; just like the charming pussy cat above. There are plenty of good reasons to stay indoors too, because we have just updated the Vintage Home online shop with a veritable array of vintage treasures. Here is a selection of some of those lovelies which are gracing the shelves of the shop right now - there is something for everyone!

A pretty 1940s watercolour...

A stunning Victorian table adorned with handpainted flower baskets...

Eye-catching fabrics...

Exquisite roses handpainted onto satin...

A 1940s chandelier...

Step into this very special garden...

The prettiest fabric covered storage...

A beautiful lady - star of the silver screen perhaps?

There are many, many more delights in the shop and plenty more to come leading up to Christmas!

To get us all nicely into the festive spirit we our launching Christmas Prize Draw today. Three lucky people will each win a luxurious, seasonal box of scrumptious chocolates from 'Hotel Chocolat' the prestigious purveyor of very fine chocolate.

The chocolates are filled with mouthwatering tastes such as cinnamon praline and mulled wine; yum, simply divine! Visit the website to find out how to enter.

We'll be back soon with the prize draw results - in the meantime, stay warm and cosy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Comes Early to Vintage Home!

We are thrilled to announce that the December issue of Period Living magazine is out now and includes a feauture on our cottage; we hope you enjoy it!

We have also been very busy updating the website with lots of super vintage treasures including some fabulous 1940s dress fabric... well as iconic British and French textiles from the 1950s.

See you all again soon for news of our Christmas Prize Draw...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The North Wind Doth Blow...

...and we shall have snow. No, we're not predicting the weather now (we'll leave that to the Met Office, although they don't always get it right do they?!) but there has definitely been a chill in the wind this week. This coincides with our rather timely acquisition of a dozen or more of the most gorgeous, the most cuddly, the most adorable and the prettiest eiderdowns, available now at the Vintage Home online shop.

These feather-filled quilts add much to a vintage style bedroom and display beautifully all year round but this is the time of year when they really come into their own, keeping you snuggly and warm as well as looking super rolled up in an armoire or folded upon a favourite chair.

We are thrilled to have found some of the prettiest and plumpest vintage eiderdowns and thought we would share some of their loveliness with you.

The website has been updated with these wonderful quilts and lots of other too-good-to-miss vintage treasures, so pop along when you have time.

A colourful heart-shaped cushion...

...a 1940s rosy rug...

...a 1950s rosy chair...

...magnificent Barbola plaque.

As well as our super vintage goodies, we have lots of exciting news to share with you - our dainty polka dot and rosebud mouse mat is featured by Cosmopolitan magazine this month - luckily we had just replenished stocks before the November issue was on sale! This month's issue is 'well stocked' with images of semi-clad men so it was a complete surprise that anyone noticed our dainty little mouse mat!!

This is really exciting; the current Period Living magazine shows a tiny sneak preview of our forthcoming Christmas cottage feature to be shown in their December issue! It was icy cold and snowing when Gail and Mark visited us in the depths of Winter. It was a super day and we had great fun but it seems so long ago now!

We will be announcing our special Christmas prize draw at the end of this month, so please check back when you can or join the website's mailing list to receive the Vintage Home eNewsletter.

Phew, well I think that's more than enough eye candy (and that includes the hunky men in Cosmo!) and news for one blog post - see you all again soon!

PS. Almost forgot! Look out for tonight's episode of Five TV's Cowboy Builders - with a bit of luck you'll catch a glimpse of the crochet bed throw the production team bought from our shop! We don't expect to get a mention but at least we'll be able to say 'as seen on TV!'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautiful Vintage at the Vintage Home Shop...

We have had such a busy time lately but thought it was about time we updated you with the latest from Vintage Home. Our fruit trees have been laden with apples and pears this year (so much in fact, that one of the boughs snapped!) so we have been enjoying delicious homemade puddings and cakes (sorry, no photos, everything has been eaten!!) Also at this time of year, I enjoy picking raspberries every morning (which I add to those delicious Alpro yogurts for a healthy and tasty breakfast!) Again, no photos - but we are treating you to pictures of some of the latest vintage finds to grace the website. There is a wonderful selection and plenty more to come!

The stunning rose painting above is one of the most beautiful we have seen and this dainty lady's writing bureau is quite exquisite, with its handpainted roses, flourishes and crackle finish.

It even has its original key...

Inside is a veritable treat with sweet little drawers, pigeon holes for paper and a secret compartment for hiding romantic letters...

This stunning Catherine Klein print is one of the loveliest we have seen to date...

...and this is a very fine painting of a handsome horse.

Paintings are a favourite of ours and this beautiful Victorian oil on canvas of a basket of pansies is another super find.

In the flavour of the season, this richly coloured quilt is a real stunner; authentic, immaculate vintage at its best!

We hope you enjoy your visit to the shop and in the meantime we will continue to add more and more of our vintage goodies!

We will be back soon with the latest, including news of where Vintage Home is being showcased for Christmas gift ideas, details of our forthcoming Christmas cottage feature and a super Free Prize Draw!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Moment of Reflection...

Fabulous Vintage Finds have been added to the shop - we are counting down the days to the August Bank Holiday Weekend; with a whole week of gorgeous vintage treasures arriving at the online shop from 20th - 27th August.
A few years ago, during our very first buying trip for the Vintage Home website, we were fortunate to find a 1930s triple Barbola mirror. That particular mirror was showcased on our website over three years ago and despite our numerous buying trips since then, we had never found another triple mirror that was quite as beautiful, or shared the same wonderful condition - until now! We were thrilled to find this beautiful mirror on our most recent buying trip. It is very similar (no two were the same!) and the condition is absolutely superb!

We are currently very busy preparing a large quantity of super vintage treasures for addition to the website, but we couldn't resist giving you all a preview of this amazing mirror.

It really is a beauty isn't it?

During the same buying trip we found this gorgeous mirror too - also from the 1930s.

This wall mirror has handpainted flowers, a gentle time-worn patina and that lovely aged crackling that comes with genuinely old painted finishes.

The mirror has a few age-spots too; for us, this is perfect and a reassurance that it is all-original.

We could show you a few more of the wonderful things we've found for the shop but we'll save them as a surprise. Instead, we will leave you with the following photos of our rambling rose.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when it was in full bloom.

It is just as well we have been very busy this Summer as we couldn't have spent any time sitting and relaxing once the rose took hold!

It has since been cut back and deadheaded and it will have a second bloom soon, although probably not as prolific as this.

Back soon with more vintage delights and news of the website update!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Roses, Roses, Roses!

We are thrilled with our roses this year. Although they are always a sight to behold, never before have these beauties grown so abundantly. We have taken time out to snap some photos for you, and couldn't resist adding in a few photos of some of our rosy textiles currently available on the website! Hope you enjoy our beautiful blooms!

The white rose above is Iceberg Climber and beneath it grows the exquisite Rosa Mundi, one of the oldest known striped roses. It brings to mind raspberry ripple ice cream!

This beautiful rose has the most divine perfume. Some years ago, we took a cutting from a 60 year old plant and was amazed it grew so well - we have since taken other cuttings which are becoming well established in the garden.

This is a definite favourite; the beautiful blowsy pink barkcloth rose! Available to buy in the shop!

Here is another amazing success story. This is a delicate pink rose with multiple blooms and was grown from a small cutting just a few years ago - it now fills a corner of the garden!

This delicate trailing briar rose is a real beauty and adorns a long length of unused eiderdown fabric, also for sale in the shop!

This lilac coloured rose is Harry Edland, a gorgeous rose with an exceptional and distinctive perfume; it smells of sherbet!

This deep pink-red rose is from an old oil painting we have for sale; it is a stunning, 100-year old, yard-long painting.

This is another big 'n' blowsy favourite of ours which has grown nearly 7 feet high this year!

We hope you liked the photos and would love to hear how your roses and flowers are doing this year!