Friday, October 11, 2013

New Arrivals at The Vintage Home Shop

1920s Oil Painting of Anemones in a Beautiful Frame

A beautiful, colourful selection of vintage has arrived in the shop, from striking textiles to pretty and practical homewares, we hope you enjoy your visit!
1950s Parisienne Towelling Fabric

Vintage French Pastoral and Roses Fabric
1940s Suffolk Puff Patchwork Quilt
Superb Needlepoint Handbag
Dainty Floral Print Eiderdown
Hand Painted Knitting Needles Case
Ballerina Tray
Intricate Birds and Hedgerow Embroidery
Anemones Oil Painting
Close-up of 1920s Anemones Painting
Sweet Dreams under a Patchwork Quilt
Colourful Embroidery adorns a 1930s Wrist Bag

There are many more vintage arrivals in the shop and lots more to come!