Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Little Helper...

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter - if only the weather had been as glorious as it was today! I think Spring officially began today - and very welcome it was too! Despite the wonderful weather, it's been all hands on deck here with preparations for our forthcoming website update, when there will be a huge amount of vintage stock and Man Made goodies added to the shop.

After enjoying a few hours in the sunshine, Dennis helped us select some fabrics for our bags and cushions and gave this lovely old 50s primula barkcloth a high five! (Perhaps that should be a 'high four'!!!)

But it all proved to be too much like hard work for him and he soon succumbed to the land of nod...

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

We have a few trips planned this weekend - and a special Easter party to attend...'s a pity we won't all be enjoying balmy Spring sunshine here in the UK, but I'm sure we won't let it spoil the holiday!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Colour, Kitsch and Beautiful Blooms!

We've been very busy during the last few weeks making bags and cushions to add to our Man Made range and thought we'd share with you some of the latest additions to the website. As you can see from the colourful 'Sophia' bag above, it isn't just pretty country florals that are transformed!

These cushions were made from the prettiest 1930s Sanderson prints - I can't decide whether I like the painterly colours of the chrysanthemums...

...or the delicate colours of the hyacinths.

Then there's this beautiful 1950s French carnations fabric; wow!

This harlequin patchwork bag is a favourite of mine, all of those beautiful 1950s rosy blooms brought together are a real treat!

Whilst we're on the subject of colour and vintage fabrics - I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the website of Squint Limited - sit back and enjoy the show!!

I'm off to rummage through some more vintage fabrics for our next batch of handmade treasures! Enjoy the rest of your week!