Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Colour, Kitsch and Beautiful Blooms!

We've been very busy during the last few weeks making bags and cushions to add to our Man Made range and thought we'd share with you some of the latest additions to the website. As you can see from the colourful 'Sophia' bag above, it isn't just pretty country florals that are transformed!

These cushions were made from the prettiest 1930s Sanderson prints - I can't decide whether I like the painterly colours of the chrysanthemums...

...or the delicate colours of the hyacinths.

Then there's this beautiful 1950s French carnations fabric; wow!

This harlequin patchwork bag is a favourite of mine, all of those beautiful 1950s rosy blooms brought together are a real treat!

Whilst we're on the subject of colour and vintage fabrics - I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the website of Squint Limited - sit back and enjoy the show!!

I'm off to rummage through some more vintage fabrics for our next batch of handmade treasures! Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Beautiful bags and cushions, they really look like spring, even though winter has come back for a few days. Some minutes ago it was snowing, but now it is sunshine again.

  2. I have a pillow fetish and I absolutely love those pillows, wish I could reach in and grab one. Wink!!

    LeAnn :)

  3. Well done Mike - it looks as if you have a good production line going now. Who chooses the fabrics I wonder!

  4. Mike really is talented isn't he? I'm going to lead my husband to the sewing machine and show him how to thread the needle....

  5. Oh very beautiful prints~I can't pick a favorite! Off to check out your store...

  6. Oh my! I am never disappointed when I click on your blog! Such fabulous fabrics and beautiful creations! I also loved the squint show. thanks! xo, suzy

  7. Hi Claire, thankyou so much for your message, Ive been reading your blog ever since I bought that pretty glass lampbase from you( know which one I mean?)funny you should find me through ebay! small world..I thought I'd left a message on your dresser post as I was in awre of those gorgeous 1930's colours, but I obviously didn't click the 'post your comment'(I'm not blonde for nothing y'know!)I love the bluebells cushion you have for sale..such lovely spring colours..I think I will be definately hitting your gorgeous shop again when we've got a new house!

  8. Just stunning, those vintage fabrics are amazing and you have put them together in a way that compliments them beautifully. Beautiful!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  9. What a clever man you have, Clare!

  10. Gorgeous cushions and pillows! Where do you find all the fabric?

  11. Hi Clare!

    What a joy to visit your page, such an injection of fun colours!
    Wonderful changes for the spring. By the way, spring is totally absent at the moment in Holland. Lots of wind and rain, and quite cold.

    I so Love all your new pillows, and specially the cushion that were made from the prettiest 1930s Sanderson prints. What a lovely colour combinations! It shows that flowers has very much a huge influence on your life. Can`t be unhappy with these surroundings!

    I hope you are well Clare and that your weekend will be a good one. Enjoy your evening!

  12. Those are wonderful, and so pretty!

  13. Your bags & cushions are lovely - so fresh & colourful!

  14. Those beautiful florals remind me that spring is just around the corner. I love those little bags especially.

  15. I can't believe I found your blog this morning, OMG!!!!!!! I just love it. Love your style and your on line shop, great stuff!!!!

    I'll be back to read more and spend more time in your shop!

  16. Hi Clare,

    I love your bags! I just love the colors of the fabrics you choose in your designs.

    Since I only found your blog recently, I don't know if you do memes or not. So this is strictly no obligation... but I have tagged you for an archive meme. The rules are on my blog here. I thought it would be a fun way to learn more about your part of the world.

    Charm & Grace Blog

  17. Hi there,
    lovely fabrics in your bags and cushions, you have a great cross section of goodies galore!!!
    Debra in NZ

  18. Such gorgeous things Clare. Mike is a clever chap isn't he? I adore Squint's upholstery. I found her through an article last year, very talented!

  19. Oh my, I had to leave a comment to say the combination of the chrysanthemums print and the soft green chair is DIVINE... Thanks for sharing it! I'm off to check out your store!

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