Friday, October 27, 2006

Antique Centre of The Month!

Here are the details of the Antiques & Collectables Magazine feature, naming Brackley Antique Cellar as antique centre of the month for October, plus some photos. My unit - No. 62 Vintage Home - is shown at the bottom of the second photo - yes, I know, it's only a small piccy! Hopefully blogger will allow you to click on the photo and enlarge it! I am currently gathering together lots of new stock which I'll be taking into my unit next week - here's a taster of a few of those items...
This is a pair of beautiful old decorative metal fans which have handpainted, exquisite roses on them - they're actually quite big and I've nowhere to display them properly so have decided they must go!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vintage Home Antiques Unit 62, Brackley Antique Cellar
Here are some photos of my antiques unit at the Brackley Antique Cellar in Northants.
I have had the unit for a year now and thoroughly enjoy stocking it with all manner of vintage items. I sell mainly textiles including eiderdowns, quilts, curtains and fabric, plus floral oil paintings, pretty china, kitchenalia, painted furniture and some vintage toys.
The Antiques & Collectables Magazine have named the Brackley Antique Cellar their Antique Centre of the Month for October - and included a photo of my unit! Yes, it's a rather small one at the bottom, but it was still a nice surprise! (Blogger is playing up at the moment and won't let me add any more photos, but I'll try again later!)
I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the centre. It is a huge place and has over 150 dealers, plus cabinets. It's open 7 days a week (353 days a year!) from 10 til 5. There is a nice cafe and the staff are friendly and helpful. The only drawback with having a unit there is I always have a stroll round the other units (which can take a few hours!!!) and invariably buy several things! If you're not local, it's certainly worth making the journey as it's a great day out!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An Autumnal Blaze of Colour!
It's turning into a really gloomy day out there; for the first time in a long time it's feeling decidedly cold and the wind is blowing up a storm! So, I thought a dose of colour was needed to liven things up! Do not adjust your monitors - although you may need sunglasses!
Yes, I do like a splash of colour in the kitchen - particularly as we head into winter!