Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An Autumnal Blaze of Colour!
It's turning into a really gloomy day out there; for the first time in a long time it's feeling decidedly cold and the wind is blowing up a storm! So, I thought a dose of colour was needed to liven things up! Do not adjust your monitors - although you may need sunglasses!
Yes, I do like a splash of colour in the kitchen - particularly as we head into winter!


  1. Thank you for such bright and cheery photographs and where did you get that biscuit tin, the black one with the roses? Love it.

  2. Clare, -stunning photographs! This is what you do so well- your eye for colour is amazing. It is sooo cheerful- who cares that winter is on its' way?....

  3. Love the colour! This is a mood enhancing collection if ever I saw one. Who needs sunshine outside when you have this inside.

  4. The tin was a recent find from a flea market - it's a pretty pale green with white polka dots around the sides! C x

  5. Clare,

    Admittedly I have no idea who you are, but I saw that you had commented on my mother's post about my recent engagement, and so I wanted to say thank you.

    Upon clicking your name in the comment section, I came to your blog, and thus to find out that you reside in Oxford.

    I don't know if you know enough about me to know what effect finding this out had on me, but as an "Owen" myself (thus English roots), and as a graduating philosophy major with a special spot in my heart for the likes of Barfield, Lewis and their ilk, I have to say that I'm flabergasted to find that my mother has a friend in the land that I only dream about.

    I day dream about moving there with my soon-to-be wife, and attending at either Oxford (long-shot), or King's College, London (somewhat more feasible), for my graduate degrees in philosophy and theology.

    I don't suppose you have a room that you wish to rent out? Or that you know an elderly couple/individual in need of a caregiver (as this is Victoria's line of work)? The both of us feel as if we were born on the wrong continent.

    I suppose I'm dreaming here, but I saw where you were from and couldn't resist asking.

    All the same, thank you for your encouragement and well-wishing.

    If you wish to humor me, and indulge my ongoing fantasy... do write back. =)

    N.M. Owen

  6. That does it, I'm going home to redo my kitchen!!!

  7. PS...that Nic child is mine...he's a delight!!!

  8. Hi Clare, thanks for your comment on my blog! We call them cosmos too, well almost we say cosmea, but the bot. name is cosmos of course. I also love them for the bright colors they add to my autumn garden. The colours you've posted here are even brighter and certainly are bringing in a cheerful mood!

  9. Ahhh ~ a girl after my own heart! Love your use of color! Such fun things! This is my first time visiting your lovely blog ~ I'll be back!

  10. Clare
    A feast for the eyes. So glad I have found your blog. There really are so many of us out there with the same interests and passions. Thank you for sharing what has to be one of the most perfect looking cottages in the land.