Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vintage Home Antiques Unit 62, Brackley Antique Cellar
Here are some photos of my antiques unit at the Brackley Antique Cellar in Northants.
I have had the unit for a year now and thoroughly enjoy stocking it with all manner of vintage items. I sell mainly textiles including eiderdowns, quilts, curtains and fabric, plus floral oil paintings, pretty china, kitchenalia, painted furniture and some vintage toys.
The Antiques & Collectables Magazine have named the Brackley Antique Cellar their Antique Centre of the Month for October - and included a photo of my unit! Yes, it's a rather small one at the bottom, but it was still a nice surprise! (Blogger is playing up at the moment and won't let me add any more photos, but I'll try again later!)
I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the centre. It is a huge place and has over 150 dealers, plus cabinets. It's open 7 days a week (353 days a year!) from 10 til 5. There is a nice cafe and the staff are friendly and helpful. The only drawback with having a unit there is I always have a stroll round the other units (which can take a few hours!!!) and invariably buy several things! If you're not local, it's certainly worth making the journey as it's a great day out!


  1. Wow looks like a fabulous place to shop! The photos of your unit are gorgeous!

  2. Your unit looks gorgeous. Will definetly be trying to persuade the family that we need a day out!

  3. Clare,
    Hope the magazine article boosts your sales! I am sure the photo of your unit will encourage people to visit. I really must come shopping soon- before Christmas!!

  4. Clare
    Your unit is just lovely. And so FULL!!! I would love to visit someday!

    Cherry x

  5. What a beautiful antiques unit you have designed, and I love the name Vintage Home Antiques!

  6. Your unit looks really lovely. I think I'll definitely have to have a visit some time. Might need to save up first though!

  7. Hi Clare

    Your latest post has reminded me that I forgot to tell you Dulcie has made it no further than our spare bedroom! She looks really good in front of the armoire!

    I've wafted the magazine around at Somerton and have suggested a visit to one or two of our customers.

    I'm hoping to call in to Brackley again next weekend when we go up to Northampton. If I don't manage it we're up there again the following weekend.

    Sue xx

  8. I want to shop your booth...our summer season of finding good stuff is coming to a close...yet I do have two great new in particular with all things french!!!! I'll be posting on stuffintheburbs...good day dear friend

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments - I do like to keep the unit full to bursting; there's nothing more enjoyable than a really good rummage!!! Clare x

  10. Lovely space! I wish I could visit it in person! I enjoyed the photos!

  11. Oh, I would love to go shopping at your little store! You have gorgeous things!

  12. Oh I dearly wish I lived closer than Canada! There are so many things I would want to buy from your little unit. Congrats on being in the magazine!