Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Moment of Reflection...

Fabulous Vintage Finds have been added to the shop - we are counting down the days to the August Bank Holiday Weekend; with a whole week of gorgeous vintage treasures arriving at the online shop from 20th - 27th August.
A few years ago, during our very first buying trip for the Vintage Home website, we were fortunate to find a 1930s triple Barbola mirror. That particular mirror was showcased on our website over three years ago and despite our numerous buying trips since then, we had never found another triple mirror that was quite as beautiful, or shared the same wonderful condition - until now! We were thrilled to find this beautiful mirror on our most recent buying trip. It is very similar (no two were the same!) and the condition is absolutely superb!

We are currently very busy preparing a large quantity of super vintage treasures for addition to the website, but we couldn't resist giving you all a preview of this amazing mirror.

It really is a beauty isn't it?

During the same buying trip we found this gorgeous mirror too - also from the 1930s.

This wall mirror has handpainted flowers, a gentle time-worn patina and that lovely aged crackling that comes with genuinely old painted finishes.

The mirror has a few age-spots too; for us, this is perfect and a reassurance that it is all-original.

We could show you a few more of the wonderful things we've found for the shop but we'll save them as a surprise. Instead, we will leave you with the following photos of our rambling rose.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when it was in full bloom.

It is just as well we have been very busy this Summer as we couldn't have spent any time sitting and relaxing once the rose took hold!

It has since been cut back and deadheaded and it will have a second bloom soon, although probably not as prolific as this.

Back soon with more vintage delights and news of the website update!