Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News from Vintage Home

Just to let you know we've added new stock to the shop today but apologies to anyone experiencing slow loading of the website; over the past year the Vintage Home online shop has received more and more attention from the media and visitor numbers have increased significantly. To cope with the increased demands on the website we're upgrading the server (the computer that hosts our website) to one with many times the speed and capacity! This will happen over the next week or two so apologies for any glitches during this time - but it should result in noticeably faster page and picture loading times and a sweeter shopping experience for everyone!

Here is a small selection from the many new vintage treasures which include this beautiful basket of roses painting...

...a Victorian abalone and tapestry chair...

...and this wonderful old child's desk and seat.

We hope you enjoy your visit - the new server should certainly make it more enjoyable!! In the meantime, apologies again for any inconvenience. We are off now to make plans for our forthcoming third anniversary - see you all again soon...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Winter Wonderland...

What an incredible start to the New Year! It seems that every inch of the UK woke to a layer of snow this week! Whilst it can be disruptive to road travel and day-to-day life, there is no denying that it is a wonderful, magical sight to behold. Luckily we had no travel plans this week and in between preparing new stock for the website, we snapped some snowy pictures for you. I don't doubt that blogland is knee-deep in snow scenes - but just like cushions, mugs, chocolate and vintage eiderdowns, one really cannot tire of them! So, I hope you will indulge me as I show you a few photos from our garden and lane.

We are fortunate that our place of work is just a stroll down to the bottom of the garden.

The Clock House is nice and toasty inside and it is here that we spend much of our working day, updating the website and packing orders.

Our curly willow looks quite beautiful with the layers of snow upon the intricate boughs.

Looking down the lane towards the bridle path - there were plenty of walkers making their way down here as the day wore on - some were very well prepared and carried ski poles!!

Our Union Jack looks particularly colourful against the stark white landscape.

The boughs of the wisteria are laden with snow and our Pottery Cottage sign is standing up very well to the sub-zero temperatures.

We commissioned the talented ceramic artist Mary Rose Young to make our sign and it was the first time she had made one; her speciality is tableware (but with a difference - do check out her website if you haven't already!) so her ceramics aren't usually subjected to outdoor life!

The Christmas wreath was still on the door because we had the photographer and stylist with us that day, for the Christmas shoot. The weather was perfectly seasonal, so there should be some snowy oudoor scenes as well as cosy indoor scenes for all to see!

It is set to remain very cold for a while so the snow may be around for some time. We are keeping nice and warm by the woodburner in the evenings - that is, when the cat isn't hogging it! He has been having great fun playing in the snow so we'll try and catch him in the act and snap a few photos of him.

We'll be updating the Vintage Home online shop in a few days with a selection of vintage goodies - if there are any postal delays due to the weather we will keep you informed.

That's all for now - we'll be back soon; keep warm, have fun and stay frosty!