Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beautiful Baskets!

It occurred to me the other day that some of the most beautiful objects around us are often the most practical. Baskets are so useful for everyday items but can also make a very pretty display too.

I think an old painted or fabric covered basket would be useful in every room of the house...

They are also ideal for filling with Summer blooms. I have some lovely big roses in my garden at the moment but I don't want to cut them - so here's the next best thing...

Mmm, I really do think I should start collecting vintage baskets!

What do you keep in yours?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fabrics, Fragrance and Floribunda!

Well I never, what's this? Roses growing in my apple tree? No, but the next best thing; three of Niki's gorgeous handmade bags! I'm sure you've heard the expression that a girl can never have too many bags, well if they're made by Niki, then that is certainly true! I was lucky enough to 'bag' (excuse the pun!) the patchwork of roses bag yesterday, when she updated her website. It arrived today, how's that for service?!

Here are some more wonderful things I have recently acquired! I spotted this pretty glass lamp on ebay and luckily for me it was on a Buy It Now - so I did just that! It has little glass droplets just visible under the lampshade. The very kind seller sent me a surprise gift too, this really pretty oil painting of roses, how lovely! When I saw Sue recently at the antiques fair, I couldn't resist her handmade lavender bags made from vintage fabric; they smell wonderful! The lavender bag tied with black lace was another surprise gift from another ebay seller; aren't there some very generous people out there?! The beautiful wisteria note paper was made for me by Bonnie; thank you so much Bonnie, I really adore it and don't want to use it!

Here's a photo of one of my Sweet Williams, which are growing in abundance in my borders this year!

Last year they were non-existent but have decided to appear everywhere this year! Do you have any surprises growing in your garden?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taking Stock!

I have been filling my cottage with beautiful and showy stocks! I love their heady scent and wonderful colours. It's been a busy time for me as I have also been gathering new stock for my shop. Then I realised that I had brought together several similar types of flowers!

I have found some beautiful things recently and many of them are decorated with pretty lilacs, lupins and stocks. This sewing box is covered in lilacs - and roses of course, I couldn't leave them out could I?!

This delightful old dish is decorated with lupins.

Some of these items will find their way into my shop in the coming days, that's if I can bear to part with them!

Finally, here are some photos of my rain-soaked irises. We've certainly had our share of rain this past week and the poor things were almost lying down with the weight of the raindrops! Now I must get back to working on the website; hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Soft and Muted Florals

Although I really love bold and cheerful colours I am also drawn to subtle and muted tones, especially in vintage tapestries such as the one above.

This beautiful fabric is Victorian...

...and this pretty Barbola wall plaque is decorated with wonderful softly painted anemones.

Perhaps we're getting a little bolder now, although the colours in this old chalkware plaque are quite gentle.

I have selected these pretty pieces for my shop - but I couldn't help it - I've just had to include something bright and cheerful!

What do you prefer; bold and bright or soft and subtle?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good Times and Happy Memories

We recently spent a wonderful weekend on the Isle of Wight, catching up with family and taking in the beauty of this tiny isle off the South coast of England. Spring is a lovely time to visit as it can get a little busy during the Summer months! We visited the beach...

...the beautiful countryside...

...and the Havenstreet Steam railway, for a journey back in time!

This week, we had the very difficult task of saying goodbye to a dear friend. He was extremely positive throughout his illness and took the opportunity to experience some once-in-a-lifetime goals, one of which took place last September when he rode 2,000 miles on a motorbike down to Land's End, up to John O'Groats and back again, raising thousands of pounds for charity. His good friend, my husband, had the privilege of sharing that journey with him and I know he will treasure the time they spent together. We have wonderful memories of our friend - who could ask for more? Here he is when they reached John O'Groats - it was a very wet and windy day, but nothing could dampen his spirits!