Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taking Stock!

I have been filling my cottage with beautiful and showy stocks! I love their heady scent and wonderful colours. It's been a busy time for me as I have also been gathering new stock for my shop. Then I realised that I had brought together several similar types of flowers!

I have found some beautiful things recently and many of them are decorated with pretty lilacs, lupins and stocks. This sewing box is covered in lilacs - and roses of course, I couldn't leave them out could I?!

This delightful old dish is decorated with lupins.

Some of these items will find their way into my shop in the coming days, that's if I can bear to part with them!

Finally, here are some photos of my rain-soaked irises. We've certainly had our share of rain this past week and the poor things were almost lying down with the weight of the raindrops! Now I must get back to working on the website; hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


  1. Hi Clare,
    Your Stocks are beautiful!
    Wish they would invent some kind of smelling devise for the computer screen!! I LOVE the scent of Stocks too!

    The Iris in your garden still look stunning - despite the rain drops.

    Good luck with sales. It looks like you have some very pretty pieces.
    (I particularly like the Kruger print!! hehe!)

    Niki x

  2. You have so many wonderful goodies in your shop:-). I love the water pitchers used as flower vases. It really looks inviting sitting next to the print.
    Have a great day!

  3. Clare, I just love your stocks! That is one of my favorite flowers. I absolutly love all of your gorgeous items in your shop!


  4. Hi Clare

    Your stocks are so pretty. The lupins remind me of my visit to Nova Scotia last summer, where they grow wild.

    Marie x

  5. Is bautiful!!! I like the dwelled roses, spectacular!


  6. hi clare,your stocks look really pretty,mine have grown a bit sparse this year,but the scent is still lovely,i love the vases you have the stocks in,they all gorgeous,best wishes ann.
    off to look at your shop now!

  7. I recently planted all purple stock in my grden and am loving the look! Your house looks amazing!

  8. aaah stock and irises! A true sign that summer is nearly there :-)

  9. Oh wow...these are lovely!!!!!

  10. Ohh the scent of stocks - I love walking into a room and having their scent greet you. Lupins and roses too - thank you!
    Kim x

  11. Love the smell of Stocks and their gorgeous old fashioned colours. You seem to have found some v pretty treasures for your shop, or maybe for yourself, guess we will have to wait and see.

  12. The sun is shining in London finally! Love the pictures today. Stocks are one of my favourites because they looks so old fashioned and I really love the scent. I must take a look at your shop as I haven't visited for a while.

  13. Hi Clare
    Oh so pretty once again! Thank you for showing those beautiful flowers! Here we are so winterly so to see such lovely blooms is so nice! Even if only on screen! All my lovely flowers-my lavender etc all is finished for the season garden is sadly lacking in color!

  14. Beautiful pictures as always x
    I love the look and scent of stocks - i will be off in search of a few bunches in the morning - thank you for the reminder!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Tracy x

  15. The stocks are lovely, I like the shape as well as the lovely colours and scent. The iris are beautiful, such a rich purple. A lot of my flowers are weighed down with raindrops too, I'm so thankful I took the trouble to put supports around my oriental poppies or they would have been ruined.

  16. Beautiful flowers and those decorative jugs holding them are fab too.

    Shame about the weather, no of us can get out there and enjoy our gardens.

    best wishes Ginny

  17. Lovely, lovely blooms, Clare! I love all the lavender and violet colors! Looking forward to seeing what lovely treasures make their way into your shop!

  18. Your stocks are gorgeous. And so is your STOCK in your shop, as usual.

    Your Irises are so very pretty, and quite sturdy to survive the English rain. Wish you could send some rain here...we are watering each and every day, haven't had rain in months.

    Wishing you a lovey weekend, Clare!

  19. Lovely photographs. Sad that the rain has ruined such beautiful flowers. Nature is just amazing when you think that they will reappear next year (no matter what's thrown at them)

  20. You have so many beautiful things. I love how you group them together. Very nice.

  21. What pretty irises you have, Clare! Blossoms in the rain always have their own beauty, don't you think so?

    Good luck with your sales, too!

    Have a wonderful week-end!


  22. Hi Clare

    What lovely shades in this post. I love stocks and irises. I find we have a couple of gold/yellow irises in this garden. They're lovely, but the rain has certainly given them a battering.

    Sue xx

  23. Oh my the poor irises! I wish for lot's of sun for you on the island this weekend and for the upcoming week as well Clare *fingers crossed*!
    Well now about your absolutely gorgeous stock, I can't get over it's beauty and I also can't get why I have no stock in my garden this year. Something I have to change subito lol Happy Sunday!
    Hugs Carol xox

  24. Those jugs are absolutely gorgeous! And I am drooling over so many things in your shop!!

  25. Oh Clare, it's beautiful !
    I never have enough flowers.
    Thank you !

  26. Mmmm those stocks are wonderful, I can almost smell them from here!

    We have had a few days of sunshine now, thank goodness. Hope you have had some too x

  27. Hi,
    Beautiful flowers. I bet they smell good too. I'm not sure that I have talked with you before.
    I have seen your blog though.
    I have become friends with Lisa thorough blogging.
    Visit my blog sometime,

  28. Clare what beautiful flowers ...I have some Iris the exact same colour in my garden at present. That sewing box is gorgeous!
    Take care,
    Alison x.

  29. I do so enjoy your blog and the great photograhy

  30. Some beautiful pictures of a even more beautiful stocks! I love their heady scent and wonderful colours too, and they reminds me of when i was just a little girl. I used to walk to my school and i always gathered a big bucket of flowers for my teacher. She always smiled and putted them in a big vase on her desk. The room where filled with a lovely smell. Makes me smile when i think about it :)

  31. Clare, your stocks are so beautiful. I planted some last year and lo & behold they are coming up again this year. So now I'll baby them along and see if they'll look even half as pretty as yours. You have the most beautiful garden and such beautiful colors!

  32. Your flowers are beautiful. We have the yellow flag irises in our pond but none of that lovely shade of purple.

  33. Beautiful photos - Your home must smell heavenly with the stock. I love the picture of the rain drops on the iris!

  34. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers! I'm off to check out your shop.


  35. I adore irisis and lupins too. We've got loads of different coloured lupins in the boarders. The children grew them from seed a few years ago.

  36. Claire, your stocks are just gorgeous. LOVE them. I'm so jealous! My stocks aren't doing well at all. All of your floral bounty is just so lovely.