Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Big Event! 24th August '09

I can't say too much - it's a secret! Well, it should be a secret but I'm sooo bad at keeping secrets! So bad, that I just have to hint at what is coming...

The loveliest, the prettiest, the rarest, the most gorgeous and utterly divine vintage treasures are coming to the Vintage Home shop soon - very soon in fact! Plus we'll be giving away some goodies - ooh, it's so exciting! In the meantime, here are some tempting snippets...

There will be roses - of course!

Pink will feature!

Lovely aged paintwork and elegant lines.

Did I say there would be roses?

A healthy scattering of vintage flowers.

Are you sure I mentioned roses?

Not forgetting the wild roses too!

All this will happen over a 24 hour period - only those on our mailing list will receive advance notice, so if you haven't already joined us, pop along and add your details!

Update: The Newsletter announcing the day of The Big Event has now been sent - but don't worry, if you didn't have time to add your details to the mailing list we can now reveal that Monday the 24th of August is when it all happens!