Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sunday Market

Our vintage website keeps us very busy these days and during the course of a month, we often visit the large International fairs and markets all over the country, sometimes setting off as dawn is breaking (wonderful in the Summer months!) So it was nice to visit a smaller flea market on Sunday, deep in the heart of rural Somerset. This has long been a favourite fair of mine, but in the winter months there are less outside stalls and sometimes none at all if the weather is very bad. But Sunday was a bright and breezy day - albeit a bit chilly - so there was a good spread of hardy stallholders outside! Despite arriving much later than usual (we had decided a long and leisurely breakfast was needed that morning!) and having to park almost outside on the road due to the number of visitors, we did indeed have a very successful day!

I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful haul of textiles I managed to find. I thought you would like to see a selection of them; as you can see, there is a very Spring-like feel to the collection above, with the delightful violets and fresh, pretty lilac colours.

These wonderful French rosy curtains are just gorgeous - and huge! The pretty boxed pillowcases have never been used.

These beautiful fabrics, including a 1930s print and 1950s barkcloth and chintz are wonderful!

The majority of these will be for sale on the website soon or transformed into something beautiful for our handmade section.

We left the market fairly early as we decided that a leisurely breakfast should really be complemented by a leisurely Sunday lunch, so we set off in search of a country pub - the perfect way to round off a very enjoyable trip!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I'm drooling over those fabrics!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and I've just taken a look at your new handmade range - lovely. I had no idea you were such a talented seamstress as well!

  3. Gorgeous things! I am always in awe (and jealous) of the wonderful old things you can find in England - or probably Europe - that are just so hard to come by over here.

  4. Wow...I just love those fabrics!! What a find!

  5. what pretty purple pretties! i'll be sure to stop by again and check out your shop and see what you have made them into =) debbie

  6. Oh, what gorgeous fabrics...they are wonderful finds.
    Margaret and Noreen

  7. sigh...I am jealous! I love your English markets.:)

    Thank so much for visiting me, and entering my blog GIVE AWAY!

    xo Lidy

  8. I want to go with you! Sounds like so much fun, and what a beautiful haul!

  9. the fabrics are so pretty and those wonderful colors. you live in such a pretty place...I always have loved visiting England any time of year!
    stop by and say hello.


  10. Glad to hear you had a successful buying trip, Clare. I often wonder if anyone would ever open an unused box of vintage linens, surely no-one would ever use them if they've never been opened before.

  11. oh what a gorgeous fabrics,
    I love it all.

  12. ps. I gave you a little award on my blog.
    xo Lidy

  13. Absolutely delightful!
    I came by way of Lidy and I can see why she mentioned you.
    All the florals inspire thoughts of warm, summer days.And the fact that they are vintage and reworked into something new makes them all the more endearing.

  14. I have just found the blog, I've been searching for. I love your fabrics. They are to die for. Will be visiting often.


  15. Beautiful blog - I want to spend a lot more time here. Love your title A Sunday Market. It's just not the same over here. We live for our next trip back...
    Just delightful here.

  16. Dear Clare,

    I am so happy that I found your blog! One look at the little photo beside your name, and I knew I would love your blog. That is the cottage door I have always dreamed of having! I have been reading older posts and have added your link to my list of favorite blogs on my site.


    Charm & Grace Blog

  17. Lovely fabrics, Clare! And that's definitely one thing we're missing over here... a good country pub!!!

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  19. Beautiful fabrics. And I am also a little bit jealous for the lovely markets with wonderful vintage items that you have in England!
    Have a nice weekend, Monika

  20. Just adore these fabrics and the photos are beautifully set up, will be back to visit soon!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  21. Oh how lovely, they are just wonderful.
    love Alison x

  22. Congratulation with your new handmade products Clare! They are beautiful!Beautiful are also the new fabrics you found at the Market in Somerset.(beautiful place!)
    I specially love the French rosy curtains, they are indeed gorgeous! I love all french products, as you know by now :)

    I shure have missed you, and I am all to blame. I am very busy making products for Aina`s Charm. But I love every minut of it, it is so rewarding!
    How is the weather these days? We have had lovely days with a feel of spring, so refreshing!

    Wish you sunny days!

  23. Hello! I love your blog and share your love for flower designs !
    Thank you so much for sharing so beautiful photos. I wish you a wonderful week and you are welcome to visit my blog (where there are a lot of flowers, laughter..)any time.

  24. I love all the pretty fabrics. All of it is simply beautiful.

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