Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year, New Stock!

A Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have enjoyed the holidays! It's back to work for most of us now but we shouldn't complain, there's only so many times you can watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and only so many mince pies you can eat!!

I've been busy sourcing new vintage stock for the website and have added a varied selection today. There are some very pretty accessories; the beautiful hanky case shown above is part of a boudoir set; the handpainted roses are exquisite!

There is a distinctive boudoir theme...

...and pink is popular too!

These pretty chocolate boxes were a lucky find. This one has delicate pink roses...

...and this one has sprigs of mimosa!

More vintage stock coming soon, in the meantime have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever the weather!


  1. Hi..I'm bj and so glad to meet you. I found you thru LUCY BLOOM.
    I am so glad I did...this is a lovely blog and I'll sure be back.

  2. Fantastic chocolate boxes ~ Julia x

  3. Once again such lovely things for your shop! Where do you find all those treasures?
    Have a nice sunday afternoon, Monika

  4. What gorgeous items...the pansies are very pretty.
    Margaret and Noreen

  5. I love the chocolate boxes!
    Nice to read your is lovely. Sal ;-)

  6. I love the handkerchief case. Isn't 'boudoir' a wonderful word? Shame it has fallen out of general useage. Must go now, I am about to retire to my boudoir!
    Ruth x

  7. Hi, I just love those chocolate boxes.. I hate January for being such a 'lean' month, otherwise I'd be over to your shop immediately! x

  8. Clare your store items are scrumptious!

    Have a beautiful day! Nancy

  9. I like the chocolate boxes, but I realy love the pansies are very,very
    Have a nice week

  10. I had to write and tell you that I went to your website because I adore vintage....and the music stopped me in my tracks. It was so familiar, a blast from the past. And then I saw the BBC Radio credit at the bottom of the page.
    I am rife with nostalgia. I remember Housewives Choice from my childhood.

    Cheers, Colette

  11. Hello Clare. I'm still going on the Christmas chocolate eating mound, but am back into a somewhat more normal routine today. You always find such pretty things for your shop. I'm going to take a peek

  12. Happy New Year to you Clare!

    Hope you had a great Christmas Celebration and that New Year`s Eve was fun and warm. We were still 5 of us, and we had so much fun together. For the ever first time I did not go to sleep before 5in the morning! Yes I Know, That`s very late..

    What a wonderful start at the new year, finding so many pretty treasures. Love the chocolate boxes! Were a lucky find indeed. I am very fond of white and pink roses, would fit perfectly here..Myself have not been very lucky finding teacups with roses lately. You know I collect them.
    Can`t wait until Flea Market season begin!

    I wish you good days Clare, I hope your shop is doing great.

    Kiss from Aina

  13. You always have such pretty things! I love looking at the photos of all your treasures!
    God bless.

  14. What lovely treasures you've added! I hope you have a wonderful New Year and lots more continued success in your beautiful shop!

  15. hi Clare
    happy new year

    I love the hanky case.

  16. Your Music on your website brings back happy memories.........wet afternoons with my Mum in her kitchen with the radio on!
    Love all the new goodies.
    Carol x

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