Thursday, November 01, 2007

Work, rest and... more work!

Well, it's certainly been a busy week! Monday was a day of packing and posting parcels. Tuesday was spent at a huge International antiques fair and despite a thoroughly exhausting day spent shopping, shopping and yes, more shopping, it was very enjoyable and I have some gorgeous new stock for the shop. Wednesday was 'moving day' - the desks and computers - and their miles of cables - were set up in the Clock House. Thursday was spent sorting stock and attempting to make it look tidy!! But before that, I had to indulge myself and spend a little time on the sleepdeck with some vintage comforts around me. This is, after all, what the sleepdeck is intended for!

Although you can't see it, the view from the little 'Amityville' window is through the trees and out across the fields. It really is the perfect spot to get away from it all!

It doesn't get much better than lazing around on an old eiderdown with a book and a cup of tea or glass of wine with a pretty view to distract you.

So, now we will leave this peaceful, tranquil haven and descend the steps...

After that little interlude it was back to work on the website! I had intended to update the site this week but the move took a lot longer than I thought it would! Some of the treasures you see here will be for sale in the shop after the weekend. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post - I do often visit and really enjoy reading your blogs but I don't always have time to leave a comment.

Now, that just leaves Friday and I shall be blitzing the cottage to get it clean and tidy for our guests on Saturday - this is how the kitchen looks at its tidiest! Hopefully I can get it looking as near to this as possible..!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Phew! No wonder you needed a rest after all that work. It all looks wonderful, Clare, but it's more to clean! Have a lovely time with your guests.

  2. Hi Clare

    You KNOW you're not supposed to flick round the duster before we come because then I have to reciprocate!!!!

    Really looking forward to Saturday and yes, I remembered to load the car with some 'possibles' from Dairy House!!

    Can't wait to see the CH - and you two of course!

    Sue xx

  3. Clare it's gorgeous and I wouldn't worry about housework your guests will be so enchanted by the Clock House that they won't want to leave it!

  4. YOu've done so much, your sleep deck looks fantasic !

    I love your kitchen too, you guests will feel so welcome there ~ love Julia x

  5. Oh Clare I could just stare at all of those latest pictures you've posted forever ha!!
    Everything looks pretty perfect in the Clock House so Gee knows how you'll want to sell any!
    Now, your kitchen has got to be the most prettiest vintage kitchen I've seen - pure bliss! I think you could sell photos of your home alone!!

  6. Gorgeous! Hope you've had a few glasses of wine, relaxing on that beautiful sleep deck, you deserve them! Wishing you lots of happy times this weekend and in the CH
    PS You haven't given me that moving in date!!!

  7. Do I remember seeing those kitchen shots in a magazine somewhere?

  8. The sleeping deck looks absolutely gorgeous, as does your lovely kitchen! For some silly reason I was thinking you would be using the deck as a storage area for your stock. I think maybe I didn't realise there was a window up there? Anyway, it's far to lovely for storage space. If I were you I wouldn't get any work done for lounging around up there staring out of the window. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. what a pretty, pretty kitchen you have clare, and the clock house is the perfect escape,
    love it all!

  10. When can I move in???
    Clare.. your kitchen is from a story book I had as a child... just perfect!
    I am now going to have a good browse in your shop.. do you take milk bottle tops and buttons as legal currency!

  11. Oh Claire, your Clock House is to die for - I'd like to live there too! (If I made myself very small perhaps you wouldn't notice). Can't wait to see the new stuff on the website.

  12. Hi Clare, the clock house is looking really pretty and I love all the colours in your looks really bright and welcoming...lucky visitors!
    Margaret and Noreen

  13. oooh Clare, that "loft" is so lovely. Its every vintage girl's dream. Now, about that fabric hanging by the window, it's just what I've been looking for!

    Your kitchen is pretty as a picture. It makes mine look quite dull. I think I may have to paint mine now!

  14. Those are pictures of your cottage. What a beautiful spot. You have decorated it so well!

  15. Clare, only word that I can think of to discribe the Clock House is--GORGEOUS. What a wonderful place to be.

  16. Oh, I wish I could have been with you this week. It sure sounded a lot funnier than mine *s*. And your kitchen looks great.
    Hope you have another great week.
    Love Elzie

  17. Hi Clare,
    I think you should keep the sleep deck like that always - it's so inviting - then if ever things get too much, you will always have a little haven to escape to!
    (You've both done a terrific job BTW!)

    Hope you had a lovely time with Sue.

    Here's to another busy week,
    Niki x

  18. your kitchen and sleep deck look amazing, and the lovely pink eider down. Good luck sorting out all the move

  19. Hi Clare, this is an absolutely wonderful little cottage. I don't know what I love more, the sleepdeck or the kitchen. Everything is perfect! I can understand that you have had a lot of work, but it was really worth it!

  20. Your kitchen is so cozy & warm...reminds me of a dollhouse & I wanna live in it. :) Great work!

  21. I love the cheerful colors in your home. You know you got it right when walking in a room just makes you feel good!
    Great job.

  22. Hi Clare!

    Congratulations on moving into the Clock House, it looks gorgeous and that sleep deck makes me want to take a nap RIGHT NOW! :)

    Your kitchen is devine! I want more pictures!!! ;)


  23. I just found you and oh my much beauty! I adore that eiderdown. INCREDIBLE. And I have my eye on the squiggle-stitch lingerie case in your store...lovely! So nice to have found you. I'll be back often!

  24. Yummy pictures, makes me want to redecorate...NOW!!!

  25. oh my, oh my. I have just hopped over from Nostalgia at the Stone House, and I am in love with your kitchen! That's the sort of kitchen I dream of having one day. What a wonderful blog! I shall be back regularly! x