Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Announcing the Vintage Home Prize Draw (and other lovely stuff!)

We are pleased to announce that our free prize draw is up and running from today. We are celebrating THREE years of Vintage Home online and are giving away THREE subscriptions to your favourite magazines!

THREE lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a year's subscription to one of the magazines shown here - and the winners get to choose which magazine they would like! The draw will close on 23rd March 2010 and the winners' names will be announced on the website a few days later.

It is completely FREE to enter, but first you have to find the glowing red heart, which is somewhere within the Vintage Home website - so find it, click on it and you will be entered into the draw!

We have been doing some maintenance work on the website recently and decided it would be best to wait until it was completed before we added details of the draw, all the lovely new stock and the very latest News features. Also, Mike was celebrating a special birthday around the same time as the website's anniversary, so we were rather busy with that for a few days!

We hope you enjoy our new features in the News Section. As hinted at before, there is a piece on an author and journalist plus a special featured item which reflects our love of vintage textiles. There is also a little bit of fun where, in celebration of his birthday, Mike (bravely!) shares his photo album with you!

Not forgetting of course that we are continuing to add lots of gorgeous vintage goodies over the coming weeks - and beyond! Here are a few...

A stunning portrait of a fine gentleman.

Lovely lamp shades made from French textiles...

...and eiderdown fabrics.

A beautiful throw made from some of the prettiest 30s and 40s fabrics.

A big thank you to everyone for your custom, support and encouraging comments and messages over the last three years! See you all soon... Clare & Mike.


  1. I found the heart! Yay me!!! I SOOO want to win!!!

  2. I have entered....such fun...
    glowing heart found n clicked!xx

  3. Yey!!! I found it and have entered, what a great bit of fun.
    I want to win!!!! :) xxx

  4. What a very good idea - found the heart! Hope I'm lucky!
    Margaret P

  5. Happy three years Clare and Mike, gee that went quick didnt it? Will have a look for the heart later once I get the girls off to school. I mean I dont really need an excuse to browse your site lol!

  6. I love everything in the shop. Why do I live so far away???

    Found the heart!! :oD

  7. Cool Thanks for offering! I really love the pics!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. So beautiful, such inspiration
    I love your blog.....
    Donna x

  9. You have a beautiful blog and store, glad to come across you. Niki x

  10. Wow. Some great looking things here, I guess Vintage never really goes out of style but only gets better with time.

    I like the use of so many interesting colors. It inspires ideas for the home.


  11. Clare and Mike
    Congratulations for your blog !
    This a nice visit for the vintage!
    I am Brazilian. Sorry about my poor English.
    I would to know write better for tell you how wonderful I thought your blog.