Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Facts!

Sue has tagged me - so kind! - to divulge 8 facts about myself! I shall leave you all to decide whether they are interesting or worthy of a blog post! I have kept the details uncharacteristically brief - it was either that or elaborate on each point far too much!

1. I've been on a submarine.

2. I ran a successful secretarial business for some years - but I've never learnt to touch type or do shorthand!

3. The words 'frock' and 'slacks' make me shiver!

4. My favourite 'comfort food' is a toasted teacake (or currant bun/hot cross bun!) with lashings of butter and tomato ketchup!

5. I absolutely cannot tolerate litter! If I see someone dropping any (whether or not they're a burly 6' 5" muscle-man!) I have to say something!

6. I have a phobia of showers - particularly enclosed ones! So it has to be a bath for me!

7. My favourite films are those such as Manhunter, Aliens, Silence of the Lambs and anything really gory or with a murdering psycho in it!

8. In total contrast to No. 7, I love animals - especially cats - am a vegetarian, and adore all things vintage and pretty!!!

I'm supposed to tag 8 other bloggers but I think most of the people I had in mind have already been tagged!


  1. Dear Claire,
    Great random facts.
    Hot crossed buns with butter and catsup! I get it, sort of like with sliced tomatoes??...
    Your cats are lovely.
    This was fun.

  2. Those were 8 interesting facts! I love Aliens, it's one of my favorite movies, Silence of the Lambs scares me!


  3. Hi Clare

    With a kind friend like me who needs enemies?!!!!

    Think my emails are 'up the swanee' so if you replied about an hour ago I didn't get it!

    Sue xx

  4. Hi Clare, I love toasted teacakes, but not with tomato ketchup!!!

    Marie x

  5. Hi Clare,

    I have to agree with you on #8...I love animals, am a vegetarian and love, love, love anything vintage as well. Your blog is lovely, and I look forward to coming back!


  6. Thanks for a glimpse into your life Claire. Very interesting and i would have loved to learn more.

  7. awww your black kitty cat looks like mine!

  8. Now we know more about you, thanks for visiting our new blog we have left a little thankyou over there for you.

  9. Oh You're a lady of surprises - loving roses, vintage fabrics etc I would have expected a whole bunch of romantic films too! I was just about to agree on the butter and teacake until the ketchup! I'm a vegetarian too, litter drives me nuts and l love your cats!
    KIm x

  10. Hi Clare,
    Sharp intake of breath when I read the word 'Slacks'!!! I thought I was the only one! Dave will be in hysterics when I tell him - he says 'that' word' to wind me up sometimes!! Thanks for sharing this, I thought I was weird!! (Now at least two of us are weird!)
    Niki x

  11. LOL. I loved reading your 8 random facts...I became a school secretary and can only do two finger typing. The children found this so funny they once put it in their school play!!!
    Take care,
    Alison x

  12. What fun facts, Clare! I LOVE a good scary flick, but that "Silence of the Lambs" really bothered me for some reason.

    I think I could easily become a vegetarian. Perhaps I will in my "golden" days when I don't have to cook for my kids. But you know, my 7 year old daughter always gets on my back whenever I eat meat... she'll say, "Mom, you KNOW you're eating a COW?!" I think she's a natural-born vegetarian! =)

  13. PS - My parents have always used the word "slacks"! lol

  14. Clare-it was lovely to find out more about you, and gorgeous photos of the cats xx

  15. Do you think it was watching Psycho that gave you the shower phobia?

  16. I enjoyed reading your facts and yes they were interesting! Love the new look of your blog, it's beautiful!

  17. I love this floral paintings's so cute

  18. Your choice of films really surprised me. I was sure it would be 'Gone with the Wind' or similar! Toasted hot cross bun and tomato sauce, now that is weird! I quite like the word 'frock' but definitely not 'slacks' (or housecoat, makcintosh or sports jacket!)

  19. Oh Clare, I am in love with the blossom picture at the top of the post. It is something I will spend my whole life searching for. Thank you for showing it along with your random facts.

    Cherry xxx

  20. Your cats are beautiful especially the silver grey tabby. Toasted teacakes - yes! But with ketchup???
    As for going on a submarine, that must have been a great experience, lucky you.

  21. Hope you are keeping dry down there in the cotswolds

  22. Clare, i had to tell you that manhunter is one my fave films too. weird huh?