Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Plea: Where is Summer?

No doubt many of you here in the UK have been affected by the torrential rains we have been having this Summer. I think the phrase 'what a washout' is somewhat understating the situation! Our village was cut off for a day or so due to flooded roads and lanes, but apart from a leak in the dormer window of our bathroom, I think we got off quite lightly. I can only imagine how I would feel if my home was under several feet of water. I feel I have spent far too much time stuck indoors this Summer and I would really like to be sitting on the bench above, reading a book and sipping a cold glass of wine on a balmy July evening... would also be nice to have the stable door and windows open all day...

...but at least I don't have to water these very often!

On a happier note, look what I received in the post last week!

I was lucky enough to be the first name drawn for a super prize give-away of treats from Victoria's wonderful candle company Coasts of Cornwall. It was a lovely treat opening up the ribbon-tied packages, but an even better one when I breathed in the wonderful aromas!

Victoria had kindly sent me three candles; Lavender, Cinnamon and Rosewater, and Cotton. I cannot recommend these enough! The Cotton candle really does have the wonderful aroma of washing dried on the line - amazing!

Here's hoping that August will be the Summer we are all yearning for!


  1. Hi Clare

    What a lovely gift from Victoria. The cotton candle sounds wonderful.

    Can I assume by the wording of your post that you've managed to escape Stanford now? Or are you still unable to collect your guest?

    Please please make sure that we get what you've asked for - some summer in August!!!

    Sue x

  2. Dear Clare,

    Summer is here, in Bismarck, North Dakota. It was 99 degrees F yesterday, promises to be 103 today and 101 tomorrow, before "cooling down" to the low 90s midweek. Want to come visit? It usually cools down nicely in the evening but not last night.


  3. Raining in England and in the northwest US (where I just spent nearly two weeks on holiday) there are EXTREME fire conditions in all the prized national forest because of lack of rain!

    How have you been Clare? I hope all is well! Hugs to you.

  4. Hi Clare-loved the pics of your house, especially the green colour paint on the windowframes ect!!! I was delighted with my candle I won too, they smell so gorgeous don't they? Yours all look lovely-bet you were so pleased to win them!

  5. Hi Clare,

    The weather has been a huge disappointment for you all this summer. Every time I call my family in the UK, they tell me that it is raining again. Hope that August brings the sunshine you have been missing.

    Marie x

  6. Really? You've been having torrential rains there? Wow I thought we were the only ones having bad flooding and terrible weather. Hope you get your summer though!

  7. Oh the candles sound heavenly. I love they way they are packaged so nicely in the wrapped boxes. So sorry about all the rain. Here's hoping that the sun shines brightly for you very soon.

  8. Fingers crossed for August! At least we havn't experienced any of the terrible flooding here, just the incessant greyness of summer. Your house looks gorgeous though. Those candles sound wonderful, especially the cotton one.

  9. Clare your garden looks simply beautiful. The plants seem to love the rain.
    I'm a big fan of Victoria's candles...they look lovely, have gorgeous aromas and they burn so cleanly. I have just put an order they have a sale on just now:-)
    I hope the rain stays away from your stunning garden and house.
    Take care,
    Alison x

  10. Hi Clare,
    Hope this mornings rain hasn't caused you more problems. I can't believe how much rain has fallen and feel so sorry for all those who have had to suffer floodwater entering their homes.

    At least if you are still marooned at home, you have those wonderful candles to create a calming atmosphere!

    Fingers (and toes) crossed for LOTS of sunshine in August,
    Niki xx

  11. I love the smell of cotton so thanks for the recommendation. Rain, rain go away ....

  12. My parents village near Moreton in Marsh was cut off on Friday apart from one tiny lane which was just about passable. Unfortunately they were outside of the village when it happened so had terrible trouble getting home. A journey from High Wycombe that should have taken them about an hour took 5! But at least the floods didn't reach the village. It's just so awful for all those poor people who have had homes ruined. According to the news this morning the flood waters are still rising in some areas! It's so depressing. Your garden still looks very pretty though despite all the rain.

  13. Oh Claire think i feel a purchase of a cotton candle coming on, I just love the smell of washing on the line. The pictures of the house are lovely and like you I wish we had some warmer weather so we can sit outside in the evenings


  14. Hello Clare, so sorry to hear that you still are experiencing such rainy weather! We have had quite a mix here. A lot of overcast/rainy weather lately.

    Your candles are lovely! I bought a cucumber & fig candle from Victoria... mmmmm! The scent is fabulous!

  15. Wow !!! The candles sounds great, I can't wait to receive mine !!!

    I hope everything is quickly back to normal in England.

    Love your pictures, beautiful house !

  16. We are desperate for some summer too!
    Poor little Pebble has her face glued to the window, hoping for Mr sunshine to put his hat on.

    Thankyou for the lovely mention in your post, you really are very kind. I'm so pleased that you like the candles.
    Perhaps we will get our wish, and summer will arrive soon so that we can really hang our sheets out to dry! I love that freshly washed smell.

    Victoria x

  17. Clare, that's really the question: where is summer?
    I fear, summer 2007 was in April!:(
    After some days of hot and dry weather, rain and cooler temperatures came back on saturday and one has the feeling as if there had been no summer at all.
    I really hope that August will be better, because then we are going on vacation to the Netherlands and to England.
    When I heard about the floods in Oxfordshire in the news yesterday, I hoped you would not be affected.I am very glad that you personally have not suffered big problems.

  18. I have some of Victorias candles, they are indeed very delicious. I wish summer would come but I hold out some hope that August may be sunny.

    I too have been doing rainy day activities involving wallpaper! How strange is that?!

  19. Here in southern Norway were are still waiting for summer to happen too! Sure hoping it'll happen yet before it ends! LOL! Lovely candle! Hope it brightens your days! :o)

  20. Is that your home? Its soooo pretty! I live in texas and we also have had rain nonstop pretty much all summer long. I think they said 70 something days of rain. At least its not 100 degrees outside :) Rosemary

  21. Yes I think we have had quite enough of this rain now - no drought this summer!

  22. This may seem like a dumb question, so please excuse. But is that your house/yard? Because if it is, I am green with envy. Wow! What a beautiful place! I love it!

  23. Nice prize gifts. Congratulations. I hope summer comes soon for you. I hear about all the floods and distruction. Be safe.

  24. Hi again Clare,
    Shame you didn't make it, but the good thing is, they are on so frequently! Maybe next time! x

  25. Hi Clare,
    I live in the US and read your blog often; your home and garden are lovely! We have been hearing all about flooding in the UK on our news programs (horrible pics!), and I hope you and your family are still OK.

    I am definitely going to order some of those candles, as I love the smell of cotton drying in the sun!

    Hope your weather improves --we are geting quite an array of storms, humidity, wtc. here on the east coast...

  26. Hi Clare,

    A while now, most certainly a visit worth! I have been very bussy and just came home from 4 weeks in Norway. What an experience to see everybody again! I have felt so happy in my heart you wouldn`t know...It feels very strange to be here in The Netherlands again, so quiet and, well just a bit lonesome i guess....But i am not complaining though..i have got my bit of love :) Lots of hugs, talks to late in the night and shopping, barbecues, party`s and much more :) In october i will get my first visit and then for christmas, yes, we get another one! Much to look forward to :) Enough about me..Just an updating..

    I have been following the news and i feel so sorry for all those people that have been forced to leave their homes. They were not prepared or did not expect this kind of weather, and i think it all has to do with the climate change..It is so very sad! I just heard that so many as houndreds of thousand were out of power/electrisity and also water. How is it now were you live? Has it stopped raining? I hope that you cope and i send you lots of positive thoughts across the ocean :)Glad to see that you enjoy friendship in this lovely world of blogs, what a lovely gift to get :) I guess they smells like heaven, enjoy!! I am curious about the cotton candle :) See you soon Clare! Aina

  27. Such lovely pictures, Oh please let the sun shine!!!
    Suzie Sews

  28. Hi Clare,

    Such awful and strange weather you're all having, my friends and relatives are well fed up now! Your garden still looks super though. I think we're having better weather than you here in NZ even though it is winter here! It's so nice to see your flowers all year round, ha!
    Take care, Debra x


  30. What a beautiful home you have... the first photo looks like it is straight out of a magazine!!

    Hope you will have better weather tomorrow!


  31. Hi sweet Clare! I've missed coming by and visiting your beautiful blog and home! Your place is heaven on earth and this picture is no exception! I'm sorry you've had so much rain.. your candle must be a wonderful escape from that.

  32. The candles from Victoria look so nice. I should think pretty much everyone living in UK has seen enough rain to last them for quite some time. The Daily Telegraph says summer will be starting on August 15th - let's hope they are right!

  33. Loved the pictures of your beautiful house and garden. they've really brightened a dreary day at work. I can't believe this but it's actually sunny up here in the Peak District today. Don't tell anyone I said so though or the heavens are sure to open!

  34. Hi clare,
    we here in salisbury have got off lightly too with regards to the flooding but still, i have never known a summer like this one. Obviously the rain is the main thing, but hardly any sun at all in between and what about the temps? I am keeping my fingers crossed for august too. I think we all area. Those candles look so lovely. cinnamon is one of my faves. I will have to check out her blog!

  35. i've enjoyed catching up - and loved your vintage pics pics!

  36. I just stumbled upon your blog, and what a delight it has proven to be! Your posts and pics are lovely. I will certainly be back to visit again soon!

    Lindy :)

  37. Your garden is looking lovely. I love your porch. Hope the sun cam eout for you on Sunday at last too. I can't believe today I'm back to wearing two jumpers.

  38. Your house looks stunning !! So beautiful...

    Thankfully here in WAles the last 3 days have been fantastically warm and sunny. Lets hope it's here for the long haul ! love Julia x

  39. Hello Clare

    I`m loving the photos of your porch, your beautiful flowers are looking sooo healthy, despite the horrible wet weather that we are having...
    Kisses Kisses

  40. The pictures of your home are so gorgeous. It looks like the perfect English country home. I've heard of all the rain though and I'm sure it's getting very old. The candles are a fun treat though - the scent from a candle can really lift a person's spirits. I hope you're doing well.