Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paradise Found!

As many of you will already know from reading Niki's, Sue's and Ginny's blogs, Niki held a Vintage Sale at her home on Friday and Saturday. We visited on Friday and enjoyed a lovely lunch in the company of some even lovelier people! I can honestly say Niki has the most beautiful home, which is all down to her hard work and exceptional talent and creativity. Sue and I really were like young schoolgirls, clutching each other's arms and 'oohing' at everything!

Having seen some of the photos taken early on Friday, my only regret is that I didn't get there sooner! I did manage to come away with some really pretty items, some of which are shown here. Thank you Niki for a lovely time, some beautiful things and allowing us to see your wonderful home and garden!

After such an inspirational time I was eager to carry on shopping and spent Sunday treasure hunting for my website. One of the things I found was this lovely shell covered box - I haven't seen one for years and thought this was a really pretty example.

Now I must get back to working on the website! Until next time, here's a picture of one of my oldest roses, holding up bravely against the wind and rain that have been battering us for several days now!


  1. Our poor roses. they're suffering! Your treasures look lovely, I haven't seen a shell box for ages either. Niki's house looked amazing from the photos on her blog, wish I could have gone!
    Kim x

  2. Oh how I wished I could have come to the sale! It sounds like you girls had a wonderful time! I love your pretty pictures and your website is just beautiful!


  3. thank you for the photo of the shell box - it brought back lovely memories of my Nana x
    every year we would take a holiday at Margate and she would but me a shell box....
    i just wish i still had them x
    tracy x

  4. Hi Clare,
    Thanks again for coming to my sale and for all of your purchases AND for the beautiful rose that you gave me!
    It was lovely to see you both and I am so glad that some of my goods have found a place in your beautiful cottage! (BTW, I love the photos that you took - thank you!)

    Good luck with your website update. I remember making a shell covered box as a little girl....wonder where it is now?....

    Fingers crossed that we see some sunshine again soon, so that the roses can dry out!
    Niki x

  5. Glad you had fun at Niki's- it looked wonderful!!!

  6. What lovely treasures Clare.
    Thanks for the newsletter it is a great idea...I can keep my eyes open for any new foxglove china:-)
    Alison x

  7. Hi Clare

    Didn't we have a wonderful time! My purchases have been distributed to various locations already, and I didn't think of photographing them first, silly me!

    I don't think I'll ever forget our excitement seeing all those lovely covered boxes and the cupboard and the fireplace and the nooks and crannies crammed with all that lovely fabric and all those goodies. Oh how unfortunate all the other bloggers are not to have been there, too!!!!! As you said, just like a couple of schoolgirls!

    Your turn next!!

    Sue xx

  8. Gosh I do like your website! Yes I too wish I could have come to the sale, it would have taken me a couple of days travel though lol :-)

  9. That certainly is a lovely rose and Niki's sale sounded fantastic.

  10. We suffer under those bad winds and rain here too Clare! Especially my poor roses too! Yours is very pretty! Do you know it's name?

    Ah I envy all you who were able to attend Niki's vintage sale! I'd love to meet her, you all actually and see her gorgeous house in person! Lucky you!

    Off to study your shop now!

    Carol xox

  11. Hi Clare-my mum did exactly the same thing for her old cat!! She too has a high brass bed, and had to create a little ladder for her to clamber up!!
    I so want to go to Ardingly again, but it depends on whether Tom can book the day off work (there would be no one to cover for him, and it's their busy time of the year)
    Fingers crossed he might be able to manage it, we'll know nearer the time -it would be great to meet up! x

  12. I would have LOVED to have gone to Niki's! heehee

    Your treasures are lovely as always, and that rose is amazing! We'll take some of that rain, Clare. We've had nasty humidity and weather into the 90's =)

  13. I am so glad that I made it to Niki's vintage sale too but it is a great shame that I missed you and Sue.

    I think it would have been the case of 3 noisy school girls running round Niki's house with one daughter looking somewhere else to hide until I had grown up a bit.... probably be a long wait... hee hee.

    It was a fun day and am glad that you found some goodies yourself.

    best wishes Ginny

  14. Looks like you found some lovely things. Having read a few other posts it seems that Niki's sale was very successful. Would love to have been there and I know I wouldn't have come home empty handed.

  15. Hi Clare,

    What a pretty rose! Do you know its name? I love the clock too.

    It sounds like a wonderful day out and so nice to meet up with fellow bloggers.

    Marie x

  16. I love shell covered boxes and the like. Everyone seems to be having sales at their houses at the moment don't they - love julia x

  17. Reading yours and Sue's posts you certainly had a wonderful day at Niki's buying some lovely things. Oh dear, Clare, I have now disappeared from your list!

  18. What a treat to be able to step inside such a beautiful home. And what sweet things you have found as well!

  19. Those items are very pretty, indeed!

    Happy 1st of July to you - although the weather feels more like autumn these days!

    We will be off to visit a flee market now as well as the most beautiful country cottage garden I've ever seen in our neighbourhood! I found it a couple of weeks ago and today, it's officially open to the public. We call this "Open garden gate". You have these kind of open gardens in England, too, havn't you?

    Best wishes from Germany,

  20. Beautiful vintage goodies Claire and your pic. of the rose is just lovely. Wish I could have been to the sale too.

  21. It sounds like you had a great time with your friends !

    Lovely pictures indeed ! You make me dream of vintage sales !

  22. I wonder what the rose is called? Bob.

  23. I haven't been here in so long! It was a treat to catch up too.
    My closet is full of Shirley Temple pictures. Wasn't she a cutie? I would sure love to meet her even still.