Friday, April 12, 2013

The All NEW Vintage Home Website and Fresh New Stock!

 Enjoy your NEW Vintage Home Website - Take your Tablets!
We're proud to present the ALL NEW Vintage Home online store - the first 'vintage' website of its kind designed specifically for tablets and touchpads. We're the first to implement new screen-edge paddle-navigation making it effortless to browse with just your fingertips whilst securely holding your device. We've an ALL NEW shopping basket where you can pay instantly using our ALL NEW Express Checkout* option or place an order for multiple items at once. We've learned from the past, we've listened to your feedback and we're looking forward to the future - Vintage Home is now easier to use on smaller screens thanks to its improved layout, touch-friendly buttons and larger menu. To make your visit to the all-new Vintage Home shop all the more exciting, we have just uploaded a vast array of super vintage treasures - so pop along today for a browse!
Just a few of the vintage beauties that have arrived, no words necessary really - they are all so lovely!