Monday, April 30, 2012

The Perfect Vintage Study

If you have a passion for vintage and antique furniture then you will love this stunning handpainted bureau and drawers.
It is one of our latest finds for the website and we are thrilled to showcase it here on the Vintage Home blog. It's a lovely large piece of furniture and truly beautiful; just perfect for your vintage study where you can surround yourself with everything you need to write letters, catch up on your reading or make a telephone call.
With its many nooks and large writing surface it's an invaluable item and will be the focal point of the room.
This exquisite Victorian case has taken our breath away. It would prove very useful in a study, perhaps to hold stationery.
It really is the most beautiful example of a handpainted silk case we have ever seen and complements the fine painted flowers on the bureau.
Finally, no study should be without a waste bin but this doesn't necessarily have to be something you hide away - so of course it simply had to be a pretty painted floral one, didn't it?
We hope you enjoy browsing the website and keep a lookout for our next update in a few days the meantime, it looks like Dennis's curiosity has got the better of him... we'd better go and tidy up that desk!