Wednesday, May 04, 2011

If you go down to the woods today...

Although we are keeping busy with the website and the major task of renovating the house, we are also enjoying our amazing garden.

We are lucky enough to have a huge garden which has a secluded woodland area and as you can see, our cat Dennis loves exploring it.

The garden is full of woodland plants including masses of aquilega in every shade of pink...

...and purple.

It's a very relaxing place, nice and shady on a hot day.

If you enlarge the photo above you can see the cow parsley which is as high as my shoulder in places!

Oh, hang on, who's this? Why it's Dennis again, our very own intrepid explorer!

Oh dear, I think we've blown his cover!

I wonder what he has heard, maybe the chirp of a bird - or perhaps the shaking of the crunchies!

We won't be doing much to the garden this year but we will be taking time to appreciate it, especially when the days are sunny and warm. I am currently uncovering old grapevines which we thought were long dead but they are starting to flourish. Who knows, maybe we'll be making some 'Vintage Home' wine in the future! I also discovered a gooseberry bush which is doing really well and we have several damson trees; it's been suggested we make some damson gin later in the year!

See you all soon with more photos and news of the website..


  1. Gooseberry wine is very errm, alcoholic and tasty too!
    Dennis is gorgeous, rather fond of black cats and tabbies and gingers andtorties, well all colours really!

    Sandie xx

  2. Cow Parsely is possibly my favourite "wild flower". The garden is gorgeous just as it is!

  3. What a beautiful Eden of green! It is really tranquil and restful - you photo skills are amazing!

  4. How lovely to have that woodland - i think Dennis thinks so too (isn't he handsome!).

  5. Aw, Dennis is beautiful. Surely reminds me of our Ursula :)

  6. Dennis is one lucky cat to have a garden like this to patrol!