Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snowbells and Stone Staircases...

Well, we thought it was time we shared a few photos of our new home with you. This sea of snowdrops (or snowbells, as they are called here in Herefordshire) was just one of the wonderful suprises which welcomed us on the day we completed on our new home. They cover the top part of the garden which is a small and secluded woodland area. We are hopeful that Spring may bring bluebells - we can hardly wait to find out!

We have a lot of work to do at the house and with the builders due to start work in a day or so, Mike has made his own inroad into the renovation work; and made some interesting discoveries. We believe the house dates to the mid 1700s, it is rich with original features including a flagstone floor, a winding stone staircase, wooden floors and doors, heavily timbered walls and wattle and daub (apparently made from chestnut wood, something which was particular to Herefordshire.)

Mike has removed the 50s tiled fireplace in the dining room and revealed large old timbers in the wall which we will make a feature of. Fortunately, the previous owners who had lived there since the 1950s didn't do much in the way of modernising the house so thankfully it has retained a great deal of character - including a stone plinth set into the hall which we understand is a pig salting block! There is a tumbledown stone pigsty in the garden too.

Although it hasn't been modernised, it does lack certain comforts and requires a good deal of TLC to bring out the wonderful old features. One of the first tasks is to install a Rayburn and radiators so we can be nice and cosy! It will take us some time to fully restore the house and outbuildings, indeed it will be a labour of love. But we are looking forward to it and will keep you informed of our trials and tribulations! The hamlet in which we now live is beautiful and very friendly, we are sure we will be perfectly happy here. For the time being, we are dividing our time between Oxfordshire and Herefordshire but as soon as the necessary work is done in the next few weeks, we will move in permanently, along with Dennis our cat! It is business as usual at Vintage Home and in the coming weeks, we shall turn our attentions to updating the website on a regular basis again.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and we'll be back soon with more photos!


  1. Congratulations!
    It looks and sounds fabulous...we are in the same boat lots and lots to do before we move in but oh so exciting,
    Kristina x

  2. How lovely, I'll look forward to your adventures.

  3. What a lovely exciting time you are going to have I love the staircase and I can't wait to see the rest of your new home.

  4. That sounds like our old house in Dewsall, Herefordshire! It's a lovely county, isn't it?

  5. What a beautiful scene of snowdrops - i've never seen so many! How exciting for you to discover all this!
    The staircase is so quaint, cant wait to see more pictures of your lovely new home and garden!
    Love your shop too!

  6. How very exciting. Wishing you much happiness in your new home.

  7. Lovely, can't wait for your next update, it's so exciting. Please show us more pictures.

  8. Just found your online shop and then your blog. What a treat! I love what you are doing.
    Best wishes for the new house. I love the staircase but it would give me the willies as I suffer from vertigo. Hereford is a lovely county - hope you will be happy there.

  9. Best wishes on your new home...looks very exciting. There will be lots of discoveries no doubt in a home with such history. Much hard work ahead, but so satisfying and rewarding!

  10. l was so excited to see your new pics, l have been popping in every now and then to check. Your new place looks really gorgeous, and it sounds like you both love the area, and to have an established garden in such a bonus.Can't wait for the next update. No pressure of course!!

  11. What a fantastic staircase! Very jealous.. smile x