Tuesday, December 02, 2008

and the Winner is...

Thank you all for your patience and your lovely comments; I am overwhelmed to have received so many! Sorry I made you all wait for the draw; we had a busy old time on the website during November thanks to a mention in one of the homestyle magazines and the Independent. This meant we were rather pre-occupied for a while there, but we have now picked a winner! As I hadn't had time to write all the names out I asked a friend to pick a number from 1 to 111 and she chose 23, so congratulations to Fiona of Gingham and Flowers who was the 23rd comment. No-one actually guessed the prize which is the most adorable little Barbola mirror, although Heart in the Country came very close with her guess of a hand mirror, so there is a little prize on the way to Kim. I have decided to add a few extras to accompany the beautiful Barbola mirror including some yummy chocolates, a floral scented candle, a handstitched Christmas stocking and one of our exclusive Christmas cards; hope you like it Fiona, and a big thank you to everyone who took part. There will be another giveaway in the near future - watch this space!

We have switched the Christmas lights on at Vintage Home - if you pop along to the home page you'll see them twinkling away merrily! The website is being updated this week with some rather beautiful items, so keep a lookout! I'll be back in a day or so with a Christmassy post for you all! See you soon..!


  1. Oh I am so excited!!! This has really made my day as I was feeling rather fed up at the lack of sales in my shops. Thank you so much for choosing me and I will look forward excitedly to receiving the parcel. x

  2. Well done Gingham and flowers :)

    What lovely pretties, I love The Barbola Mirror, I have one and I love it :)


  3. Thank you Clare that is so kind! Glad you're website is keeping you busy.

    Take care


  4. Congratulations Fiona.. I hope this lovely lot makes up for not being able to come to the V & H fair..
    I am kicking myself for missing out on this giveaway..
    Note to self.... do more blogging!!!!

    Lots of love
    Michele xxx

  5. Thanks to you Clare!
    I'm sure I'll visit you again!

    See you!

  6. Congratulations to the winner... Prehaps I shall win something one day...

    Mademoiselle M.