Friday, December 14, 2007

Mystery Ladies!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have a penchant for 'mystery ladies' in the form of old paintings and photos, which I find on my travels across the country in search of website treasures.

Here are two more mysterious ladies for you! The first is a spectacular and huge oil painting of a beautiful young lady - perhaps a debutante - painted in 1965. I spied this painting (how could one miss it?!) at one of my recent buying trips. It was propped up against a tree, its custom built frame leaning alongside it. I simply could not resist her and without even questioning whether both frame and painting would fit in the car with all my other purchases, I told the stallholder I'd take her! The frame is nearly five feet tall and is a work of art itself. But my mystery blonde lady in her pretty blue roses on silver dress with matching shawl and delicate pearls is a true work of art.

I have christened her Maggie - but I wonder who she actually is. I quite like the way she sits waiting to be placed within her frame and have decided to leave her that way for now!

My other mystery lady is a very charming young woman of some considerable years! Although a young lady in the painting, she was painted well over a 100 years ago.

I was instantly drawn to this delicate and entrancing watercolour; the white lace and pearl smothered hat is just beautiful and the delicate frilled shawl of her dress frames the pretty pearl chain and cross around her neck.

One of these delightful ladies has been added to the Vintage Home online shop today - along with some very special and beautiful items - find out which one when you pop along for a visit.

We also have a special treat for you - we are now playing a particularly famous piece of music on the home page, I hope you enjoy it! Plus we have switched the Christmas lights on at Vintage Home and there is a special Christmas message to you all!

I hope you enjoy your browse - I'm off for some festive refreshments - I think a mince pie would go down a treat - any one for a glass of mulled wine?!


  1. Love a mulled wine, thank you. Maggie looks very regal and the other very sweet:)

  2. The website is looking great Clare, how creative of you both! Your mystery ladies are both lovely in their own individual ways. Shame that we will probably never really know who they are!

  3. I think she's definitely a deb too!! I love them both. Just popping over to look at your site! Take care

  4. Me again!!! i love that music, we bought it for my daughter when she had a spoof Famous Five party, very Comic Strip!!!

  5. Maggie's looking good. It was a treat to meet her personally when we came to see you! Love the quilt!

    And yes please to the mulled wine!

    Sue xx

  6. They're both beautiful...different but both interesting. It's intriguing...wonder who they are?
    Margaret and Noreen

  7. Beautiful, like all things you choose. It is always such a treat, Clare, to visit you and see all your beautiful things.
    xo Lidy

  8. mmmm mince pies!!! Your lady paintings are lovely! My hubby's stepdad acquired one many years ago. She sits in a lovely frame in storage. Perhaps I can get a photo of it someday for you, as she too is a mystery!

  9. Hi Clare,
    The two lovely ladies are works of art! If you hadn't have said that the first one is over 5 ft tall, I never would have guessed. I love her costume; the colours are beautiful.

    Yes please, may I join you for mince pies and mulled wine?!!
    Niki x

  10. Mince pie pleases I'm not that fond of mulled wine!
    willow house

  11. It's good news for you but sad that these beautiful portraits are not being treasured by the families of the ladies. I always see beautiful black and white photos at boot sales and think the same.

    It's a little early for mulled wine as I haven't had breakfast yet but I'll have a mincey pie please

  12. Just popping by to wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Carolyn x
    Willow House

  13. What fun I am having, touring your beautiful blog. I hope I'm not to late for a mulled wine (just what is that, anyway??)
    I want to go back and read some more.....