Saturday, November 18, 2006

Shopping at Shepton!
Yesterday, I went to the first day of the DMG Antiques Fair at Shepton Mallet. The weather was horrible - heavy rain and winds which gave way to calmer - but colder!- weather later in the afternoon. Not one to be deterred, I managed to find some nice things to buy! I also met up with Sue of Vintage to Victorian, Niki of Nostalgia at the Stone House and Kelly of Vintage Lifestyle. Sue and Niki had stands at the fair and Kelly was doing the same as me - shopping!
Here are some of my buys. The bag is a beautiful creation of Niki's - lovely old floral barkcloth with a sumptuous satin lining - and a dramatic black rose for that final touch! Next, I just couldn't resist the 50's plastic clothes protector smothered in large pink roses - they certainly don't make 'em like that these days!

The impulse buy of the day was made just ten minues before the gates closed! On our way out, I spied a beautiful Victorian prie dieu - a French prayer chair (hope my spelling is correct!) Amongst many other things, I also collect vintage tapestries and embroideries and this just called out to me! Shown with it, are some of my old tapestry items, including a Victorian cushion with roses and a shell in the design. Now my main concern is how to deter my cat from exercising her claws on it..!


  1. Hi Clare,
    Lovely to see you!!
    You found some wonderful rose inspired treasures.
    The chair is beautiful and fits perfectly with the other fabulous tapestry goodies in your cottage!

  2. Hi Clare

    I don't know anyone who can find bargains in the same way you manage to!! Well done - the chair is fabulous. Great to see you both of course, and wasn't it perfect timing to have Kelly turn up at the same time!
    Sue xx

  3. What wonderful finds, sounds like a great day out.

  4. It seems that you like very bright and colourful things.

  5. Stunning. I too would have snapped that chair up in a heartbeat.

  6. Oh you got some beautiful things. I love the chair, and the bag. Infact all of it!

  7. What a beautiful chair!! Sure wish your antiques fairs weren`t so far away!


  8. HI nice to see you commenting on my site. Perhaps there should be a society where we can wear badges saying 'dust is fine, dust is good'. Your French prayer chair is beautiful. Just noting on the cover of the Antiques magazine below the Whitefriars glass, grrrr, I still feel faint when I see it, my mother had three gorgeous pieces of it when I was young and when she and my father moved she gave them to a charity shop with a lot of other ornaments. I could cry

  9. Hi Clare! (love your name)
    Your chair is so sweet! What a find! And the bag is precious! I'd love to have both of those! Great job on these lovely finds!

  10. Oh what wonderful treasures you've bought Clare! I love Niki's bag creations (have bought two already) and that french tapestry chair looks fantastic! Congrats on your beautiful finds! You are all so lucky being able to meet up and going to such lovely fairs!

  11. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I'm not sure how I saw the chair before you Kelly, but it was such bad weather that the trader had placed it up off the ground, so it was a bit concealed! Aren't Niki's bags wonderful? Nice to know you have a couple Carol! Clare x