Thursday, August 02, 2007

News and Views at Vintage Home!

Since opening my online shop in February, I have been thrilled with the response from everyone and it is really wonderful to know that a purchase from Vintage Home is something that many treasure!

I often receive lovely emails from people who have purchased from my shop, so I have decided to add a new feature to the website. Today, I am launching the Vintage Home Pin Board which includes feedback plus photos of your own 'Vintage Moments'. Also on show are photos of items that have been purchased from the website, and how they look in their new homes! If you would like to email me your 'vintage home' photos, whether it is a favourite corner, a recently completed craft project with a vintage theme or just something beautiful you would like to share, then I will add them to the Pin Board - with full credits of course! The Below Stairs section will also reside within the Pin Board and will be updated in the coming month. Finally, you will find a link to my Vintage Home blog within the Pin Board too!
A favourite corner of my home.

Handstitched Welsh quilt.

Running an online shop means I go treasure hunting on a regular basis and I have just returned from a trip where I have gathered together some of the most beautiful things! It will take a few days for me to get them all photographed and added to the shop, so to whet your appetite, above is a sneak preview of one of those gorgeous items coming soon; a stunning handstitched Welsh quilt with an exquisite pattern of peonies, roses, birds and dragonflies - what a rare beauty this is!

In the meantime, I have updated the shop with a smattering of pretty eiderdowns and truly, absolutely gorgeous barkcloth curtains! Which reminds me - I am often asked how I can bear to part with the things I sell. Well, I can tell you quite honestly - it isn't easy!!! But I do mean it when I say it gives me real pleasure to know that these wonderful old things find a place in your homes - and your hearts.

I'd like to thank all of you for your custom and kind words and I look forward to bringing you lots more vintage goodies! Now it's back to work for me!