Monday, August 13, 2007

Lovely Ladies, Eiderdown Eye-Candy & Nice Matters!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your lovely comments on the new Pin Board addition to Vintage Home - you are all so kind!

At last we are having some super Summer weather (although I have heard the forecast isn't looking great for the next few days!) I took advantage of the sun and spent some time outside filming the new stock for the shop. I just had to share these lovely ladies with you! The photo above is the lid of an old Burton's biscuit tin - isn't she a honey?!!

The enigmatic young lady above is a wonderful old print - a very different era and look - but just as beautiful!

I have a penchant for the old hollywood movies and when I saw this stunning eiderdown I couldn't resist it - Bette Davis would have loved it I'm sure!

I have been very fruitful in my search for vintage treasures and I'm look forward to adding the next batch of goodies over the coming weeks.

To end on a very happy note, I am feeling rather chuffed (have I heard someone else say that recently, it's a lovely word, makes me think of a bird puffing out his feathery chest!) that Alison and Monika have bestowed the Nice Matters Award on me. Thank you ladies! There are so many brilliant bloggers and blogs out there! I know the Summer is a busy time for everyone and I think it's wonderful that you all take the time to share a piece of your life, art and home with everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week - whatever the weather!