Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Plea: Where is Summer?

No doubt many of you here in the UK have been affected by the torrential rains we have been having this Summer. I think the phrase 'what a washout' is somewhat understating the situation! Our village was cut off for a day or so due to flooded roads and lanes, but apart from a leak in the dormer window of our bathroom, I think we got off quite lightly. I can only imagine how I would feel if my home was under several feet of water. I feel I have spent far too much time stuck indoors this Summer and I would really like to be sitting on the bench above, reading a book and sipping a cold glass of wine on a balmy July evening... would also be nice to have the stable door and windows open all day...

...but at least I don't have to water these very often!

On a happier note, look what I received in the post last week!

I was lucky enough to be the first name drawn for a super prize give-away of treats from Victoria's wonderful candle company Coasts of Cornwall. It was a lovely treat opening up the ribbon-tied packages, but an even better one when I breathed in the wonderful aromas!

Victoria had kindly sent me three candles; Lavender, Cinnamon and Rosewater, and Cotton. I cannot recommend these enough! The Cotton candle really does have the wonderful aroma of washing dried on the line - amazing!

Here's hoping that August will be the Summer we are all yearning for!