Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Facts!

Sue has tagged me - so kind! - to divulge 8 facts about myself! I shall leave you all to decide whether they are interesting or worthy of a blog post! I have kept the details uncharacteristically brief - it was either that or elaborate on each point far too much!

1. I've been on a submarine.

2. I ran a successful secretarial business for some years - but I've never learnt to touch type or do shorthand!

3. The words 'frock' and 'slacks' make me shiver!

4. My favourite 'comfort food' is a toasted teacake (or currant bun/hot cross bun!) with lashings of butter and tomato ketchup!

5. I absolutely cannot tolerate litter! If I see someone dropping any (whether or not they're a burly 6' 5" muscle-man!) I have to say something!

6. I have a phobia of showers - particularly enclosed ones! So it has to be a bath for me!

7. My favourite films are those such as Manhunter, Aliens, Silence of the Lambs and anything really gory or with a murdering psycho in it!

8. In total contrast to No. 7, I love animals - especially cats - am a vegetarian, and adore all things vintage and pretty!!!

I'm supposed to tag 8 other bloggers but I think most of the people I had in mind have already been tagged!