Monday, July 02, 2007

Who's that girl?

Last year, I wrote a post about a wonderful oil painting I have of a young girl called Alice Scatterbrook, painted in 1933 - here she is below:

Well, I have another mystery girl! This is a beautiful hand coloured and framed photo of an enigmatic young miss, with stunning tresses! She was captured at a time when, although the child is still very much present, you can see the elegant young lady she will become in a few years time. I don't know why, but when I first set eyes on her, the name 'Alice' jumped into my head! Wouldn't it be a wonderful coincidence if both my mystery girls shared the same name!

This charming young lady sat for this photo in 1927. I know this because when I got her home, the paper which had sealed the back crumbled in my hands and when I removed the tattered pieces I discovered some handwritten notes. Apparently it was 'urgent for Monday'! Not surprising really, considering the wonderful subject; I imagine the proud parents to have been eager to see the finished work! There is a name and address which is Hall, 12 Harrington Street and what looks like Norwich or Warwick - although the old fashioned and ornate writing is lovely, it is a little hard to decipher!

The detail of her embroidered and lace dress is exquisite and she is holding a pale pink rose in her hands to match the bow in her hair.
She was originally destined for my shop but the more I look at her the more I'd like to keep her! I know I shouldn't - I'm sure she would go to a good home! What do you think I should do?!