Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ready for Summer!

Well, we've certainly had our share of nasty weather this week! Gales, heavy rain and a cold wind! I know there has been the odd peek of sunshine too, but it's not enough! I find myself yearning for the days when I can wake in the morning and throw open the bedroom window as the sunlight streams through. I look forward to long evenings when I can leave the stable door open. How lovely to sit as the sun slowly sets, reading a book and sipping on a cool glass of wine.

It would be wonderful to breathe in the beautiful scent of my ancient rose as I tend the garden. But that is not to be just yet. So, in the meantime I hope you enjoy these photos which were taken during last Summer.

Of course, There are always these colourful, floral delights inside my home, which I surround myself with all year round!

I shall be counting the days until the clocks go forward on 25th March!