Sunday, February 25, 2007

Something Old, Something New!

Like many of you 'vintage girls' out there (and I'm not referring to our ages!) I have more than a few collections of vintage treasures. I never seem to have any trouble starting a new collection either - it's the stopping that causes the most bother!!! One of may favourite collections are old talc tins. I recently saw Niki's post with her gorgeous bathroom cabinets stacked with lovely things and thought I'd share a few of mine with you all. I must confess to having added to the collection since I took the photo above! I've also placed a few in my shop as I decided it would be good to share them with others!

Another growing collection of mine consists of the wonderful ceramics of Virginia Graham who is based in Cardiff. She produces some amazing pieces using moulds and shapes based on vintage crockery etc. For example, a teapot may have the handle shape of a Victorian teapot, the spout shape of an Edwardian teapot and the lid shape from a 1930s teapot! She then decorates them using vintage designs such as a rosy chintz or Cornishware stripes. I absolutely love her work, she is so talented and has some amazing ideas!

As a lover of vintage I'm very rarely drawn to 'new' but these lovely ceramics fit in perfectly with all of my old items. I'd love to see photos of your 'new' vintage treasures!