Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tattered and torn, faded and worn...

Like many of you, I have a real love of timeworn treasures. There is nothing more alluring than spying a beautiful old book whose cover bears the signs of the many years of handling, yet remains so divinely pretty. And who can ever resist an age distressed tin, with its exquisite decoration ever-so-gently softened by the passage of time?

What is more beautiful than a delicate floral fabric when its pattern has been gently faded over the years, ensuring the colours reach that perfectly softened tone that only time can add?

Vintage linens have a smell and feel that cannot be recreated by new fabrics. They retain their pure whiteness yet develop a gentle softness that is a delight to hold against the skin. We enjoy filling our homes with pretty china and what is more delightful than a rosy bowl whose glossy patina has been oh-so-gently worn by the passage of time..?

I love to surround myself with tattered and torn, faded and worn objects of beauty, be it an old Barbola mirror, a scratched and dented tin, or sun-faded fabrics; who can resist them?!