Friday, March 23, 2007

Buried Treasure!

A few years ago we decided to investigate what was behind a wall in our living room. My husband was convinced there was a large fireplace so, mindful of the mess involved, I reluctantly agreed to get the builders in! I am so glad we did! We found this huge inglenook fireplace, complete with original brickwork, an arched seat, hanging rods and even an old cast iron kettle, which had been buried all these years! From what we know, the fireplace was bricked up in the late Victorian years. The cottage dates back to around 1800, a time when inglenooks were generally no longer being built. Our cottage is quite tiny so it was truly amazing to find this very large inglenook. The builders removed 6 tons of rubble - all of which left via the window!

I didn't want to scare you, so I have put the 'after' photo first!

I wouldn't be without our cosy woodburner now! Logs are a great way to keep the chill out - in fact they keep you warm twice; while you are stacking and piling them and then when you burn them!

I was reading Jane's blog recently and she has also discovered an inglenook! Have you made any amazing discoveries in your home?