Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Picture Perfect!

Many, many years ago, before I had even heard the words 'shabby chic' or 'vintage' I fell in love with the pretty floral and distressed painted look that epitomises everything that is English country cottage. I didn't know of any good flea markets where I could find old watercolours or oil paintings, so I created my own vintage-style pictures at home! I painted and distressed the wooden frames and was inspired to frame all manner of everyday items that I thought were beautiful. The delightful floral picture above is, in fact, a paper bag! The one below is a greetings card. I found a delightful coloured mount which exactly matched the feature wall in our bedroom, and there it has hung ever since. In fact, I have had both of these pictures hanging on my walls for many years and despite having found some beautiful paintings in the years since, I still think they look lovely!

Of course, I absolutely love the roses paintings that I have managed to find over the years - this beautiful oil painting is one of my favourites!

I think it is a wonderful talent to be able to paint! One of my favourite artists is a blogger too! If you haven't seen Joanna's work then you really will be in for a treat!

The pretty picture below is an original 1950's print and has a very interesting history attached to it. These are roses gathered from the gardens of the Glaxo premises in Greenford, England and are awaiting arrangement as they lie on the reception desk of the entrance hall. The original was painted by Gayford Rix (what a brilliant name!) Each rose is named on the reverse of the print. This delightful print will be added to my shop later this week! How I wish I knew where the original painting was!

Is there anyone who can resist a painting of roses?!