Friday, September 08, 2006

Pottery Cottage

This has been my home for nearly 20 years. It is a 200 year old brick, stone and timber cottage and is one of four in a row. The cottages were once thatched, but a fire in 1908 destroyed this, and so the level of the roof was raised and tiles were laid. The original roof timbers have been exposed internally and it is amazing to think how low and narrow the upstairs would have been. It isn’t a big house - in fact, it’s tiny - but I love it and nowhere ever feels as welcoming and cosy as Pottery Cottage! In the summer months, the top of the stable door stays open all day, allowing the gentle breeze through. The interior of the cottage is cool in the summer months, but come the autumn when the evenings and early mornings bring a chill with them, it is time to light the woodburner, which warms the downstairs rooms and casts a welcoming glow as you walk through the door.

I have filled our cottage with vintage treasures and had a great deal of enjoyment finding them all! I will ‘share’ these items with you in the form of pictures, over time; there are a great many! In my search for vintage, I have also met some wonderful like-minded people, who have become friends, and this has made the search all the more rewarding!

I look forward to meeting many more ‘Lovers of Vintage’ in the future!