Monday, September 11, 2006

Eye Candy for Lovers of Vintage!

Although I love all things vintage, I have a real passion for textiles and for me, the eiderdown has to be the ultimate ’must-have’ of vintage textiles. Not only are they beautiful to look at - but they’re useful too!
Bundles & layers!

I have quite a few I've lost count!) some are in use on the beds, some are rolled and folded, displayed on top of the wardrobes and tucked inside my armoire. Perhaps I shouldn’t mention the ones under the bed and in the wardrobes and in the linen cupboard and…! I’d better stop there, anyone would think I was obsessed, but I can’t help it - I love them!
My oldest dates to the 1920’s, it’s made from silk and filled with light fluffy down. It has the prettiest pattern of delicate lily of the valley and sugary pink blossom. Then there’s the largest one I’ve ever seen; over 8 feet square and covered in a rich red and green paisley and roses pattern!
Shown here are just a few of my collection (there‘s also a couple of quilts in the photos, did I say that’s another passion of mine?!!)

What’s your particular ‘vintage passion’?