Saturday, September 22, 2007

All Good Things...

...come to those who wait, apparently!! In this case, it is true, and after being very patient I finally have something to tell you all! Do you remember me hinting at some exciting news recently? I expect you all got fed up with waiting to hear and thought I was being a tease!! Well, at last, after a few delays (Sue and Niki know all about it - bless them, they've had to hear all of the trials and tribulations!) I am pleased to announce that Vintage Home has a new home!

We decided - some months ago now - that we would move the web business out of our tiny cottage and into a garden studio - so say hello to the Clock House!

The build finally took place this week and today we took advantage of the glorious weather and gave it the first coat of paint. Tomorrow (weather permitting - this is England after all!) we will apply another coat of green and then set to work on the door and window frames and edge boards, which will be a soft cream.

More before and after photos will follow when we start painting the interior later this week. I am seriously consider moving into this delightful little house - it even has a sleep deck where I can lie and gaze out at the fields and sky!