Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is Sprung!

Thank you for your wonderful comments and emails regarding our feature in the magazine. It has been such an amazing month and so many lovely things have been happening. Also, for the most part, the weather has been glorious (let's not count this week!) and I thought I would share these beautiful images with you.
A host of golden daffodils...

...and blossom in the lane.

We also had a winner of our prize draw,

such a lovely lady who I know will enjoy sharing the hamper with her family.

Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for their mugs and mouse mats - you'll be pleased to hear that stocks of these have now been fully replenished! Due to our recent, successful buying trips we have masses of gorgeous vintage stock which we are adding to the website as fast as we can! In particular, we have a huge amount of exceptional textiles which I must admit I will find it difficult to part with!

This bedspread is a riot of fifties florals and one of my favourites - oh those gorgeous roses, poppies and peonies!

Hope you all enjoy the photos - back soon...