Saturday, March 07, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful!

According to the song, there are 1, 2, 3 reasons to be cheerful! Currently, for me I think No. 1 has to be the recent Springlike weather we've been having. I know it hasn't been sunshine for everyone but there has been a lot of sun around and the signs of Spring are everywhere. No. 2 is the feature of our home in the current issue of the BBC Homes & Antiques magazine.

The photographer, Nick Carter, has captured the cosiness of the cottage and we are really pleased with the feature which gives you a peek into our home - and a taste of the bold, vintage floral theme we have all over the house!

Reason to be cheerful No. 3 is most definitely the bright and pretty floral textiles we have recently added to the website. The rich and vibrant colours are extremely uplifting. There's this stunning French cushion...

...these gorgeous 1950s red roses curtains...

...and another fabulously bold French cushion.

I'd love to hear your '3 Reasons to be Cheerful'!


  1. I'm going to see if my Barnes & Noble carries that magazine! Very cheerful here today. Warm weather, spring on the way and friends coming for dinner! xo, suzy

  2. I'm going to call at our local shop to see if I can buy a copy of the magazine...I'd love to see your beautiful home.

    Reasons to be cheerful:
    Beautiful purple crocus in the garden

    I'm going to see my sister tomorrow

    The wallpaper's been stripped in Emily's bedroom and it's getting ready for decorating...hooray!

    Margaret and Noreen

  3. Congrats. I have been drooling over that magazine for the last few days. Everyone in my office adores it even the hardcore scouse dockers. :)

    Your home is wonderful.

  4. hmm... let me try!

    1. It's a beautiful sunny weekend
    2. I'm listening to lovely and mellow music
    3. I'm going to my grandmother's for dinner tonight

    Yes, I think those are great reasons!

  5. Your house is beautiful! I Love it.

    My three reasons to be cheerful are: I have cleaned out the larder cupboard, so next time I open it I won't cringe!!! I have tidied my little one's bedroom and made it over with new curtains and bedding so it looks more fresh and springlike. And I have got most of the lovely crayon scribbles off the landing wall at last using hot water, WD40 and elbow grease!

    Mel xxx

  6. Have not bought the issue yet but will do so tomorrow. The pictures look lovely, you r home looks cosy and welcoming, can't wait to read the article!
    Isabelle x

  7. Congrats on the magazine feature, I've seen it all over blogland but fully intend to buy a copy myself. Now reasons to be cheerful:
    1.My little family
    2. All my animals
    now 3 is difficult so much to choose from...
    blue skies, I can never be anything but cheerful when the sky is blue no matter what the temperature or what I'm doing.

  8. Looks like I'm off to buy another magazine.........

    Reasons to be cheerful:
    1/ Friends (online and physical)- they always lift my spirits.
    2/ We finished the extension!
    3/ Birdsong.

  9. well done on the fab feature Clare, I haven't got round to reading it properly yet, but the pictures are just gorg!! xx

  10. I did buy Homes and Antiques earlier in the week and finally had time to read it about an hour ago.
    I remembered seeing your blog earlier, and thought it was all very lovely. Congrats on the article.
    Reasons to be cheerful: the sun finally making an appearance, sowing the zinnias and having time to do some crafting.

  11. wow-i will get this copy-when it gets here in australia.1. its a warm day so im washing our sheet's 2 im thinking about making some afternoon tea. 3every 1 here has a smile on there face's.

  12. I'm going to buy a copy of H&A, although I'm sure I've seen your house in 25 Beautiful Homes? I think that it was from there that I visited your website and then your blog - so it was probably the first blog I ever read and that led me on to reading more and eventually my own blog. Just look what you've done!

    My 3 reasons to be cheerful are
    1. The sun is shining.
    2. My son has his 13th birthday tomorrow.
    3.There are signs of life returning to the garden.


  13. All three of my reasons are that I got Married on Saturday! 1. I have a wonderful Husband. 2. The day was perfect and happy. 3. The sun shone for us! Love your feature in Homes and Antiques. My Mum had a copy and I enjoyed looking at it on saturday morning while I was relaxing before starting to get ready for the Wedding. Your house looks absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on the feature.

  14. I was looking at the feature in BBC Homes & Antiques and admiring all those old talc tins! I have this magazine by subscription and I'm even on the back page of the Dec 2006 issue. When I was a child I collected toiletries, such as soap boxes and talc tins, and also the tester bottles of scents which used to be on display in the perfumery section of department stores. Remember those, with the little glass 'dropper' in them, the miniature bottles themselves often encased in bakelite stands? There are some rather lovely old tins on display in Bygones, in St Marychurch, Torquay. I loved Coty's L'aimant's pink tin (which I first had for my 8th birthday!) And I wonder if anyone recalls the little guest soaps in the shape of a hand produced by Revlon who also made Aquamarine hand lotion? And I once had a delightful box of soaps (mid 1950s) by Bourjois. They were floral scents and the box opened to display a flower stall, the inside of the lid the back wall, with the flower seller, and each soap edge on in the box, with appropriate flowers as illustration.
    Margaret Powling

  15. I have only just found your blog and am captivated by it's prettiness and 1950s charm. Mind you, I'm not particularly a 1950s fan having lived through this decade as a child. Somehow it didn't seem quite as colourful as the vintage artefacts you have collected and which you also selll would demonstrate.
    However, that aside, I've been looking through your blogs and on 11 June 2007 you mention one of my own favourite books: House into Home! You are the first person I've come across who also loves this delightful book! Indeed, it has been the focus of a couple of my own articles (for I collect housekeeping books, as well as many other types of book.)
    One book you might like, from a 1950s viewpoint, is: The Young Eve, the Week-end Book for Girls.
    Margaret Powling

  16. Sorry to hog the comment column, but on "A Few of my Favourite Things" I spy some floral Christmas Tree lights which my parents had and which we used for many years before they finally gave up the ghost ... they really were soooo pretty!
    Margaret Powling (1950s child!)

  17. It was a fabulous article! It really stood out as a lovely home!

  18. My three favourite things right now are your blog, your blog and your blog!
    Just as charming as ever and your article in the magazine is very well deserved. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

    Cherry x

  19. Hello, I just found you and wanted to say what a beautiful blog you have, you are very creative I love the mouse mats among other things. best wishes Julie.C

  20. Hello,
    My three reasons to be cheerful are

    All the spring time flowers bursting into colour

    curling up on the sofa with home made cake, a big cup of tea and looking at the photos of your gorgeous home in bbc homes and antiques and then browsing your website, I love it!! (my tin arrived this morning but I missed the postman!)

    spending time walking, playing games and baking with my husband and our three year old all weekend, and after when he's safely settled in his little bed, sitting in front of the fire talking, with the cat next to me whilst crocheting!

    opps, that might count as slightly more than three but thats as short as I could get it!!!!

    felicity xx

  21. Hi Clare, Bought the magazine yesterday. Great article, it's so nice to put a face to the person. I very much like the interior decor of your house. You have done it up really nicely. It's so nice that both you and your husband share the same interest in collecting antiques/vintage items.
    Isabelle x

  22. Hi Clare,
    1. I'm lovin the sunshine & blue sky today
    2. Having a girlie meal this week with my mum, daughter, sister and niece..lots of fun
    3.I have time to spend 2hrs sewing this afternoon..great!!
    Love the pics in the mag, best wishes Sue Stretten x

  23. Your photos are great - pretty - pretty site! I used to have florals all over the inside of my house - now I'm concentrating on my gardens and decorative touches outside. I've gone with a a smoother feel inside seafoam. robins egg blue, shells, seaglass, creams,whites -well - check out my blog at jennsthreegraces - but that doesn't mean that I don't smile and get pleasure at of other's creativity!!!! Your's! Welcome SPRING..

  24. What a wonderful Blog!! Thanks so much for the wonderful read, photo's and inspiration. I will add you to my Blogroll.

    Nice Job!

  25. Congratulations!!
    Just my style!!
    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage...

  26. Congrats on the wonderful spread! Your house is so cozy and warm. A true "home."

  27. I absolutely LOE your home, its wonderful, i just melted away as i started to read about it and swoon over the beautiful pictures, it reminds me exactly of my english grandmothers home(my german grannys house over here was very modern!)
    Huge congratulations, keep up the good work!
    Kirsty xxxx

  28. Hi Clare,
    I finally got my tin from the sorting office, its lovely and I loved the way you wrapped it! I've just done a post about it on my blog with a link to yours.

    Thanks for such lovely service,
    Felicity xx

  29. Hiya Clare,
    The article and photos were so lovely. Your UJ cushions must be selling like hot cakes! Gorgeous! 3 things to be cheerful about: 3 days of sunshine in a row, finally coming to an end of the website re-design, free eggs. I look forward to our next chit chat! bye for now, kelly

  30. I have just come over from Joshy and belle. It's so pretty here, I love it!
    Just going to do some more gazing at your lovely photographs :o)
    Sumea x

  31. Hi Clare, love the photos and congrats on the magazine coverage. Spring is a great time indeed.My reasons to be cheerful are family, health and sunshine. hugs margie.

  32. I need to buy that magazine!
    As I always loved the Chintzie look of your country home!!!
    Congratulations are in order!
    Debbie Moss

  33. Congratulations on your feature in the upcoming magazine! Your pictures look gorgeous!

    I have not visited with you before, but I plan to be back!

    Best to you on this cheery day!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  34. What a darling blog! I've had so much fun visiting.

    Bless you!

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