Thursday, January 08, 2009

Calm and Collected

Once the holidays are over and the decorations are put away for another year, I enjoy casting an eye over areas of my home, taking in all the pretty things. One favourite corner of my home is our cottage landing. It is decidedly diminutive and I like to make the most of the character and display some of my much-loved pieces.
The old timbers in the wall show the original height of the eaves (the cottage was originally thatched but a fire in 1906 stripped the thatch away and the level of the roof was then raised and recovered with tiles.) The exposed timbers span the width of the main bedroom - very nice to look at but the wall also slopes away dramatically so we aren't able to stand any tall furniture against it!
I have many collections; well, there are so many lovely things to collect aren't there?! Here are a few of my old talc tins.

The Goya and carnations talc are both English examples and the red rose talc is an American one. One of my pretty tins is shown, propping up some vintage books. I also collect religious prints and this delightful chipped pink framed example is one of my most treasured. The old hobnail milk glass lamp is American and the runner is a rescued piece of eiderdown fabric.

Roses paintings can be found everywhere in our cottage; propped on shelves, hanging on walls and even here, where I have placed two Victorian roses paintings behind the leaded glass of the doors.

The cupboard is very old and I am reticent to paint it - but who knows, I may do one day!

The light streams in from the bedroom window highlighting the cupboard. The floral curtain softens the corner of the staircase and the handmade rug is soft and comfy to stand on, making this a very relaxing space.

Do you have a favourite corner of your home?