Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let there be light (and lots of fabric etc!)

I have been asked by many of you if I would share some photos of the studio we work from. Well, it isn't usually very tidy and we're often knee-deep in vintage stock and textiles, but I had a tidy up the other day (don't peek at the sleepdeck!!) and managed to make a couple of presentable corners. The above photograph is scarily devoid of any colour - but the ceiling is the only part of the Clock House which is this empty!! The light fitting above was a lucky find at our local 'antiques emporium' - changing a bulb is fun!

Here's fabric corner - the trunk was supposed to be ample enough to store our working fabrics - hence we are now on the lookout for a tall cupboard!!

Here's where we grab five minutes with a cuppa (if the cat hasn't beaten us to it first!!)

I couldn't resist showing you this 1940s rug - I was so tempted to keep it as it looks absolutely lovely in front of the doors - but I have been very strong and added it to the shop before I could change my mind!

When I have tidied the other areas of the Clock House, I will share some more photos with you!