Monday, April 07, 2008

Let it Snow..?

Once again our mad English weather had a special Springtime treat for us on Sunday and we awoke to a heavy blanket of snow. Here are some photos snapped in our garden and the lane...

My dainty tulips wearing snowcaps...

No dip for the birds today...

A snowy tangle of brambles...

Sunny side up...or down?

At least it's nice and toasty in here!

As pretty as the snow is, let's hope we see some warm and sunny weather soon!


  1. oh I feel your pain. We just had the same here happen in Alaska. We were going to spend this weekend getting the yard ready and cleaned up, until about 4 inches of snow was dumped on us! Beautiful, but irritating :)

  2. Oh the poor, poor tulips. We had a wonderful weekend here in Pennsylvania and I did yard work and planted some violets. Once again I foolishly tempt fate, knowing that we always have at least one April snow, just enough to spoil ll the planting Ive done.
    Your photos make it look so pretty but heres to hoping you get warmer weather soon.

  3. Is this your adorable cottage in that last pic? So so adorable, show us more.

    LeAnn :)

  4. Oh Clare, it looks so pretty, but I can say that here in my cosy home in Australia! I love the snow, and wish it did just once or twice! I'd love to see more photos of your cottage too, please????

  5. We're expecting some snow this weekend, so I know how you're feeling! Has it melted yet?

  6. Oh my goodness, the poor flowers weren't expecting an ice bath! Brrrr.....

    I hope the sun thaws you out soon!!


  7. What a most beautiful site!! Your home is simply breath taking and the little nool upstairs is divine!! Oh do post soon! I will return!! Lori

  8. The Clock House (?) looks gorgeous in the snow.

  9. Pretty snow!

    I love the barbola mirror in your previous post.

  10. Love your blog! So pretty and inspiring...Take care, Katie

  11. the homely year10 April, 2008 21:54

    Hi, the snow was very pretty wasn't it, but oh the poor plants. I felt so sorry for them!
    Roll on proper spring weather!
    Margaret and Noreen

  12. Oh I think snow is beautiful! I love snow!!! Your warm little cottage indeed looks cozy!!~

  13. Amazing photos but it sure does look cold brrrrr!! Not looking forward to winter here either!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  14. Your garden looks so pretty in the snow

  15. Just magical I think, love the snow dripping over the flowers and your sweet cottage. I agree with everyone, let's see more photo's of your lovely place.....

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