Saturday, June 07, 2014

Fresh blooms throughout June at Vintage Home!

Summer Bouquet Embroidered Cushion
Starting from today, there'll be something new to see in the Vintage Home Shop every few days throughout the month of June. We'll be adding gorgeous vintage stock to the shop regularly, so whenever you visit you'll see something you've not seen before!
First up is this beautiful Summer bouquet embroidered cushion; with its glorious flowers upon a powder blue background it really will bring the essence of a cottage garden into your home. 
Detailed Hand Embroidered Work
For the admirers of vintage ladies, this luxury 1920s chocolate box is a real treat with its superb image of a young lady surrounded by a decorative, hand painted border; pure quality!
1920s Luxury Chocolate Box
We'll keep you posted with news of the latest items but don't forget to pop over to the website during June to see all the lovely new additions as they arrive!