Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Very Special Find...

...Coming to the Vintage Home Online Store soon, is this superbly pretty and totally exquisite 19th century, hand painted French table. A sneak preview here shows one of the tiers which is adorned with a bluebird alighting on its nest amidst pink blossom - but what delightful scene decorates the top?  All will be revealed soon!

In the meantime, there are some truly beautiful things to see in the shop, including these very fine, hand embroidered mats and hand painted silk case, both bearing a wonderful poppy design.
Beautiful Hand Embroidery
Delightfully Hand Painted
Vintage Mannequin Head
This old wicker mannequin head is a great way to display hats and millinery flowers.

See you all soon with lots of lovely vintage additions, and of course, more photos of the table...