Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hooray for Spring!

How wonderful that Spring is here. We are cheered to see the dancing daffodils and the pretty blossom bringing colour into our garden again. This is the time of year to sweep away the Winter blues and bring a refreshing array of colour and prettiness into our homes. Floral paintings are perfect for bringing the outdoors in; we fill our own walls with paintings and prints, they create a captivating display. We have some beautiful paintings for you in our Picture Gallery, shown below are just a few of the fabulous floral paintings and prints to be found there. The official arrival of Spring coincides with us venturing off on some serious buying trips for the website - so please check back regularly to see all the superb vintage we will be adding to the website shortly.

Now, no need for words, just enjoy!

By the way, the beautiful image of the ladies dancing amidst blossom is taken from a rare and stunning 1920s fabric which we hold in our collection. It is immaculate and unused so the colours are incredibly pretty - amazing to think it is 90 years old; isn't it delightful?

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